Clover Vol.1
Kanji: クローバー
Romaji: Kurōbā
English Title: Clover
Genre(s): Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Science fiction
Publisher: Kodansha (JP)

TOKYOPOP, Dark Horse Comics (NA)

Demographic: Shojo
Magazine: Amie
Run: February 1997 - Summer of 1999 (Hiatus)
# of Volumes: 4
Clover Anime Profile
Director: Kitaro Kosaka
Studio: Madhouse
Composer(s): Yasunori Honda (Sound Director)
Publisher: Bandai Visual
Original Run: August 21, 1999
# of Episodes: 0
OVAs: 1

クローバー (Kurōbā, Clover) is an unfinished manga by CLAMP. It takes place in a dystopian, futuristic world where children known as "Clovers" have special powers. The government sought to control them; in order to prevent the children from realizing the full extent of their power.


Clover ran in the magazine, Amie from February 1997 to the summer of 1999 when the magazine went under, leaving the series unfinished.

As of 1999, only 4 volumes have been released and it has been on "hiatus" since then. According to Nanase Ohkawa, two further books are needed to complete the series.

In 2008 the series was re-released in Japan, while in 2009 it was re-released in English by Dark Horse.


Clover is primarily about a young girl named Suu. In the futuristic world that she inhabits, the military conducted a search for gifted children nicknamed "Clovers", who seemingly have powerful abilities to manipulate technology. Demonstrations of their powers include teleportation and the summoning weapons from thin air.

Classified according to how powerful they are, the children were then tattooed with the symbol of the Clover Project, a secret project set up by high-ranking government officials who sought to control these children. The number of leaves that were given to each "Clover" indicated their power, with "1-Leaf" being the weakest and "4-Leaf" being the strongest. To date, Suu was the only "4-Leaf Clover" discovered. Along with other "Clovers", Suu was imprisoned to prevent her contact with other humans, as the government feared that contact with the outside world might lead her develop feelings for others and ultimately be used as a weapon to jeopardize the country's national security.

Being isolated from the rest of mankind since she was young, Suu was lonely and craved company. Her only wish was to be taken to "Fairy Park," an abandoned amusement park. Her escort is Kazuhiko, an ex-military soldier who has been forced by to undertake the task. It is later revealed that Kazuhiko and Suu are connected through Kazuhiko's deceased lover, Oruha.



Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Voice: Maaya Sakamoto (JP), N/A (EN)
Suu is a young girl and the protagonist of the story for the first two books. She is the only existing '4-Leaf Clover', the strongest of the "Clovers." Due to her overwhelming powers, Suu was kept in captivity, forced to live alone while being monitored by the government as a precaution to keep her from potentially becoming a threat to the world. Towards the beginning of the story, she is given permission to be escorted to Fairy Park by a man named Kazuhiko, an ex-military soldier. Suu's life in the "cage" is shown to be a lonely one, with her only companions being robots built to resemble anthropomorphic animals and no human interaction. One day, Suu is given permission to make a phone call to Oruha, a rising singer who Suu discovers after hearing her songs on the radio. The two continued to keep in contact over the phone, talking regularly, and she eventually becomes Suu's first friend. In their conversations, Oruha would tell Suu stories of her life and about her lover, Kazuhiko. Kazuhiko would ultimately end up as the one who would be called upon to escort Suu on her journey to Fairy Park. Along the way, Suu develops feelings for Kazuhiko, but he doesn't respond. At the end of Suu's story, Fairy Park collapses along with Suu, who is last seen singing to "Clover," a song she and Oruha wrote together.
Cameos & Appearances: CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2

琉・F・和彦, Ryu F. Kazuhiko

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
An ex-military man whose lover, Oruha, was killed a few years prior to the start of the story. He is assigned to escort Suu to Fairy Park where he starts to care about her. Kazuhiko has a laid back personality but he is also a skilled fighter who protects Suu more than once during their trip.
Cameos & Appearances: CLAMP IN WONDERLAND2

銀月, Gingetsu

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Kazuhiko's close friend and former partner. He is a '2-Leaf Clover' who saves Kazuhiko throughout the journey to Fairy Park. He is assisted in missions by Ran, a '3-Leaf Clover' who was once known as 'C'. In Volume 4 of the manga it is shown how Ran came to be under Gingetsu's care soon after the former escaped from his cage.
Cameos & Appearances: CLAMP IN WONDERLAND2

藍, Ran

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Voice: Kisho Taniyama (JP), N/A (EN)
Gingetsu's partner and former ward who lives with him and is unable to go outside due the fact he's a '3-Leaf Clover'. He was originally known as 'C', and was, like Suu, forced to live in a cage alongside his mentally unstable twin brother 'A' who is also a '3-Leaf Clover'. The cage he lived in formerly held another '3-Leaf Clover', 'B', but he was eventually murdered by A when A felt that B was coming between him and C. It was A's violent and obsessive tendencies that drove Ran to run away from the cage, even though he knew that if he were found he would probably be killed for going outside. Outside the cage, Ran began to age at an accelerated rate, something that has been implied to be due to his powers, and consequently his lifespan has been shortened considerably.
Cameos & Appearances: CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2

織葉, Oruha

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Kazuhiko's deceased lover and a '1-Leaf Clover' whose only power was to know when she was going to die. A singer, she was assassinated during the middle of a performance. Prior to her death, she became friends with Suu through phone calls,and they even recorded a song together.
Cameos & Appearances: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles[]

  • Oruha appears as a singer in Tsubasa Chronicles.
  • The lyrics of the song Oruha sings at her bar, Clover, in Oto resemble those of her and Suu's song from the Clover manga.