Clow Reed
Clow Reed
Clow Reed as he appears in Cardcaptor Sakura
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle


English Name: Clow Reed
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: "Four-eyed Demon" (xxxHOLiC)

"Mr. Glasses" (xxxHOLiC)

Relations: English Father
Chinese Mother
Madoushi (Dub only: Former Lover)
Syaoran Li (Descendant)
Sakura Kinomoto (Descendant)
Touya Kinomoto (Descendant)
Eriol Hiiragizawa (1/2 of reincarnation)
Fujitaka Kinomoto (1/2 on reincarnation)
Sakura Li (Descendant)
Syaoran Li (TRC) (Descendant)
Wei Fong Reed (Descendant)
Kimihiro Watanuki (Descendant)
Tsubasa Li (Descendant)
Yelan Li (Descendant)
Meiling Li (Descendant, anime only)
Residence: Tomoeda, Japan (CCS, past residence)

Hong Kong (CCS, past residence)

Clow Country (TRC: Past Residence)

Current status: Deceased
Powers: Various Magical Powers

Create Beings (The Clow Cards and their Guardians)

Sensing of magic and ghosts

Prophetic Dreams


Draw magic from darkness

Inter-dimensional Travel

First Appearance: -
Last appearance: -
English voice actor: Dale Wilson
Japanese voice actor: Kasuo Hayashi
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Clow Reed (クローリード) is a fictional character created by CLAMP that appears in Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. He is known as the greatest magician of all time, as he draws his magical powers from his half-European, half-Chinese heritage. He is the creator of the Clow Cards and their guardians: Cerberus and Yue. Sakura and Touya are Reed's descendants, since their biological father, Fujitaka Kinomoto is one half of Reed's reincarnation, as is Syaoran, who is a descendant of the original Clow Reed on his mother’s side.


His first appearance was in episode 46 of Card Captor Sakura. Clow Reed is an exceptionally tall, slender man with long, black hair that he wears in a low-gathered ponytail. Clow Reed often dresses in white robes with a dark cloak over his shoulders held at the throat with a clasp. The cloak is decorated with symbols from Clow Reed's magic circle, and may even be the circle in its entirety. Clow Reed always appears calm and in control, even when others around him are distressed or agitated. Part of this may be due to his extreme adeptness at predicting the future, which allowed him to ascertain what would happen before it did.


Clow Reed appears to be a wise, caring individual with immense magical power. He also had immense ability to see forward in time, to predict accurately when certain events would take place and how things would unfold. He used his power to arrange for Sakura Kinomoto to eventually become the Card Captor, even to the point of making the wand that serves as key to her powers a bright pink.

Although not close to many, he appears to have been incredibly close to those who he included in his life. He tried to prepare Cerberus and Yue for his imminent demise, telling them as much as they were able to accept at that point about his eventual successor to the Clow Cards. He also seems to have projected himself into the future, so that Sakura would be able to speak to him, despite his death occurring centuries before.

Powers & AbilitesEdit

  • Power Level: The extent of Clow's magical powers have been mostly by reference from others and rarely witnessed in the events of the manga or anime. However, it seems that his powers were incredibly vast, mentioned by characters such as Kero, Yue, and even Yuko. His powers earned him the title of the greatest magician in existence, though Clow eventually cursed that title. This is due to how when Yuko was in her moment of death, Clow had made a single thought, and because of his incredible powers, he had inadvertently ceased Yuko's time, preventing her from moving onto death. It was also from this desire that he had also created Fei Wang Reed by mistake, who possesses incredible magical powers as well, but sought only to surpass Clow with the intent of bringing Yuko back to life to prove it. This causes Clow to eventually attempt to divide his powers between his two reincarnations: Eriol and Fujitaka, though only Eriol acquires the powers (and the memories), making for Sakura to manage to divide the powers for him into Fujitaka. After the division of powers, Sakura's powers were greater than the two halves of Clow's magic, thus fulfilling Clow's wish to no longer be the most powerful magician (this occurred only in the manga). Despite how his powers were mostly gone, he seemed to still possess power to move to another dimension of the Country of Clow to fill in the void left by Tsubasa's wish to turn back time, and eventually sacrificed what magic he had left pay Syaoran's price for reincarnation. 
  • Prophetic Dreams: Clow possesses the powers of a Dream Seer, allowing him to see into the future. However, unlike most other characters, who could only see fragments of the future, Fei Wang stated that Clow can see everything, which gave him free reign to control events, hence how he had managed to foresee Sakura collecting the Clow Cards, making him create a Sealing Wand of the color pink for Sakura being a girl. He even knew that he would, as Eriol, cause problems for her to help her create Sakura Cards. His ability also enabled him to also predict and make countermeasures against Fei Wang Reed, though despite this, the majority of these revolved around the others having their own right to choose.
  • Sealing Magic: It is also implied that he possessed the great power to seal and imprison other magical beings in other worlds and dimensions; such as when he had trapped the sorceress, Suyong, in the first movie.
  • Power & Ability Amplification: He had the power to further increase the strength and magical abilities of those around him to even greater power-levels. He did so on Ruby Moon and Spinner Sun.
  • Rebirth: After his unspecified death, he was capable of transferring his own spirit/soul into the body of Eriol, who served as his host for his second lifetime. In the manga, he had transferred another part of his spirit/soul into Sakura's own father, but generally focuses his great powers and memories through Eriol.


Clow Reed's background is mostly shrouded in the past. He was born of a Chinese mother and an English father, both of whom were extremely powerful magicians and, because of the blend of Eastern and Western magic he received in his blood, Clow grew to become the greatest and most powerful magician the world has ever known. In the manga, Cerberus revealed that Clow Reed had lived for hundreds of years without his power weakening. When Clow was nearing death, he chose Sakura Kinomoto to be the new mistress of The Clow. Sakura was not yet born at the time, but Clow's magical ability allowed him to foresee most of the future and plan many of the situations that would enable Sakura to succeed in taking full possession of the Clow Cards. The reason why Sakura's wand is pink is that he wanted to make a suitable wand for the young girl who would be mistress. It wasn't because of chance that Keroberos chose Sakura.

In the first Cardcaptors' movie, it is revealed that Clow had trained an apprentice, Madoushi, but that they had also become lovers.  However, Madoushi suggested that she use the powers she had learned from Clow in some manner that he thought unscrupulous.  She retorted that those with power should not be judged by those without, implying that they had a right to rule others, and so Clow sadly imprisoned her in a book.  Within the book, he had fashioned a world much like the one Madoushi knew, but for some reason, he never released her.  Although centuries pass, Madoushi does not seem to appreciate this, or possibly believes that Clow is immortal, for when Sakura inadvertently frees her, Madoushi demands to see Clow.  Many of Madoushi's actions, and attacks on Sakura's family and friends, are because Madoushi believes this will force Clow out of hiding.  It is only as Sakura plaintively weeps in sorrow for Madoushi's pain that the sorceress accepts Reed's death, and dissolves into cherry blossom petals, finally dying herself.

Clow also had very different relationships with Cerberus and Yue; in point of fact, Clow and Yue are lovers.  This is part of why Yue is much less willing to accept anyone other than Clow as the true master of the Clow Cards, as he doesn't want to accept that Clow is gone.

As Li Syaoran is the biological descendant of Clow Reed, possibly through both his parents, it would seem that Clow must have fathered children, either in or out of wedlock.  Given his apparent relationship with the woman known as Yuko Ichihara, and her affection for Syaoran and Watanuki, she may have been mother to some of these children, although this is never stated or even hinted at.

Clow Reed seals both Cerberus and Yue before his death, although Yue's false self, Yukito, appears long before Sakura finds the book of Clow.  This was also planned by Clow, although he thought Yue would fall in love with Sakura as he had with Clow.  Yukito's relationship with Touya was completely unforeseen by Clow, but also pleased him when it was revealed.

Some of Clow's background is altered when, in the Country of Clow in the Tsubasa storyline, Syaoran chooses to turn time back to try to save Princess Sakura of the Country of Clow.  Clow takes the place of Sakura's original father, Fujitaka, who in CardCaptors is Clow's spiritual descendent, and when Clow finally dies, Touya succeeds him as king of the Country of Clow.


Cardcaptor SakuraEdit

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLEEdit

When Syaoran turned back time, Clow went to fill the void that was created by living in the Kingdom of Clow in order to guide and protect Syaoran and Sakura. When Syoaran and Sakura made the decision to be reborn, Clow gave his power and his life to pay Syaoran's price, while Yuko paid for Sakura.


Yuuko IchiharaEdit

It has been suggested that Clow had a romantic relationship with Yuuko, the Time Space witch from xxxHOLiC, though it has never been made explicit. When Yuko was dying, Clow just had the thought: "I want her to open her eyes one more time." The strength of this wish coupled with the strength of his power caused Yuuko's timeline to completely stop, allowing her to live. From then on, Clow deeply regretted the power of his magic.


  • According to Cerberus in The Sealed Card movie, Clow's favorite theory is "There is no coincidence in the world". It's also the same phrase that Yūko Ichihara in xxxHolic uses: There is no coincidence in the world, only inevitability.
  • Clow is related by blood to at least one of each of the major characters in all of the series he appears in (Syaoran and Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura, "Syaoran" and his parents in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and Kimihiro Watanuki in xxxHolic).
  • Given this is the case, Clow Reed is a blood relative to both Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li at the same time as being a blood relative to the reincarnated clones of Princess Sakura and Syaoran. The clones were reborn into a different world to Sakura Kinomoto, and no explanation has ever been given as to how Clow Reed was related to both sets.