Combination Re-edition

Comb 01

Combination (コンビネーション Konbinēshon) is a manga created by CLAMP for the shōjo magazine Val Pretty from Kōbunsha. It was published from 1991 to 1992, with 2 volumes total for the magazine closure. It was finished by Leeza Sei after splitting from CLAMP in 1996 after the magazine was opened, with a total of 6 volumes. There is also a re-edition by the Shinshokan editorial (South Comics). In August 21, 1991 a CD Drama with songs and dialogues was also released, and one artbook called Combination F[A/U]N Book conmemorating the tenth anniversary of the series, with a special color edition, profiles of the characters, illustrations and profile from the author.


The story revolves around two cops that are completely different but pair up to fight crime. Hashiba Shigemi, 26 and Keiichi Sasaki, 22, both honest policemen, attractive and maverick often act on impulse. They solve crimes with unorthodox methods, at multiple times touching the limits of legality, often leaving everything to the hunches and faith, than law itself. But despite everything, are the best "combination" that may exist. Their city is completely taken over by the evil organization Sawada, which has corrupted all authority...except for them...


In SHOTEN it's mentioned that Hashiba and Sasaki are neighbors of Seishiro Sakurazuka and seemingly know him, but never realize that he's a murderer and think he's only a veterinarian...