Derayd 界境天秤の月
Derayd Cover
Book cover.
Kanji: Derayd 界境天秤の月
Romaji: Derayd Sakai Sakai Tenbin no Tsuki
English Title: lit. Derayd: Moon of Boundary Balance
Genre(s): Fantasy
Publisher: Shinkigensha
Publication Date: December 22, 1989
# of Volumes: 1

Derayd 界境天秤の月 (Derayd Sakai Sakai tenbin no tsuki, Derayd Moon of the Boundary Balance) is a work of CLAMP that was published by Shinkigensha in 1989. Derayd is the first manga of CLAMP's to be commercially published. The manga was republished in 1993 under the name of the Gokigen Comics collection.


Once, the chaos took shape. The twin worlds were protected by the gods and goddesses. The things that drove the elements, the things that drove the energy and many things were divided. In this world called for twins constantly, and within it, there was time floating with the world of elements imbued with one another. The buoyancy and spirit guides, acted under the power of the gods most powerful to demonstrate the balance of power, the moon, the axis that supports it. Either way, these orders are completely unknown to welcome the world beyond. There is an old story about the two moons, the imbalance between the twins and the two warriors that will come with grace. The spirit of evil has come to break this, the name is the key to the imbalance of power.


Kenji, a normal high-school student and member of the kendo club. As he walks home, he sees that the moon has split in half. Soon after, an earthquake leaves Tokyo in ruin. Kenji falls unconscious, he hears a female voice saying he was the key to ending the demons in "Twin World". When he awakes, he's found in a parallel world of swords and witchcraft. Kenji meets the little fairy, Bessy and a young swordsman named, Laden. After becoming friends, they are tasked with saving both worlds. Before their quest can begin, the trio is also tasked with search for two sacred objects.


Kenji Kaga
Derayd Kenji ケンジ, Kenji

Age: TBA
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
A normal high-school, Kenji is part of his school's kendo club. Now burdened with saving two world, his kendo skills are found to come in handy in the strange parallel world.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Derayd Vixie ビクシー, Bikushī

Age: TBA
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Vixie is a resident in the strange, parallel world of Twin World. Being a fairy, she is able to fly and perform magic.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Derayd Ledan ラディン, Radin

Age: TBA
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Another resident of Twin World, Ledan is a young swordsman. He makes up part of the trio that is tasked with saving the two worlds.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA