Hagunsei Senki Cover
Kanji: 破軍星戦記
Romaji: Hagunseisenki
English Title: Star Army Destruction Chronicle
Genre(s): Action, Historical, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Publisher: Fusion Product Inc.
Demographic: Shojo
Magazine: KID'S
Publication Date: July 1989 - July 1990
# of Volumes: 0

破軍星戦記 (Hagunsei Senki, lit. Ripped Army Star War) is one of the first original stories written by CLAMP but also one of the first to propel them into the world of professional publishing after years spent creating doujinshi (amateur manga). The story is based on a series of popular epic novels in Japan, the "Nansō Satomi Hakkenden" (南總里見八犬傳), written by Kyokutei Bakin in the 19th century.

The saga tells the exploits of eight samurai with the names of dogs; each born with a pearl representing a virtue of Confucianism and the spiritual union of Princess Fuse-hime of the Satomi clan and that of a dog, Yatsufusa.

CLAMP's work is a retelling of Nansō Satomi Hakkenden in the modern world.


The illustrations are the joint work of Mokona Apapa and Leeza Sei who later left the group to embark on a solo careers. Although Hagunsei Senki did not exceed 4 chapters, it gave way to the creation of characters that would then remain emblematic thereafter. Characters such as Suoh Takamura from CLAMP School Detectives or Yuuto Kigai from X.


The series was first published in volumes 6 to 8 and volume 10 of the KID'S edition of now defunct magazine, Fusion Product in July of 1989. In volume 5, the series was announced.

In volume 9, an omnibus of the series was published. The manga was published at a time when CLAMP still had many of its original members.The series remains unfinished and unserialized.

It was later found to be linked to a volume of [i:z].

Magazine Issues[]

Cover Chapter Issue Publication Date
Announcment KID'S Vol.5
1 KID'S Vol.6 July 1989
2 KID'S Vol.7 December 1989
3 KID'S Vol.8 February 1990
4 KID'S Vol.9 July 1990
Omnibus KID'S Vol.10


The beginning of the story takes place circa 1691/92; the land is ruled by the Satomi clan. Inue Shimbe Masashi and his younger twin sister, Fuse had lost their parents, making them the new clan heads. Inue Shimbe Masashi also becomes the leader of the Satomi Hakkenshi (often shortened to just 'the Hakkenshi'); 8 elite warriors, loyal to the Satomi clan.

One day, Fuse is talking with her brother about how she is not afraid of monsters, whom she deems are people as well. She tells him about going to the mountain where the monster are supposed to live. She then leaves the conversation and Inuyama Dosetsu Tadatomo (Koyama Masami's previous life's identity.) joins her brother. Inuyama Dosetsu asked Inue Shimbe Masashi if he wants for him to follow her. Inue Shimbe Masashi says to let her go, then leaves. The other Hakkenshi join Inuyama Dosetsu Tadatomo. Worried for the princess, they decide that two of them will follow her. Fuse is attacked by demons on her way to the mountain and is saved by Yatsufusa, a mononoke.

Later Fuse returns home and joins her brother. Upon the twins reuniting, Inue Shimbe Masashi discovers that Fuse is injuried. He worries for her, but she tells him she has fallen in love with a monster. Some time later, Fuse goes back to find and meet Yatsufusa. He tells her he wants her to leave, stating thate there isn't a place for her, since the mountain is where the demons and monsters that had been forced to leave their cities now live. She tells him she had come to see him and that her older twin brother will help her to calm the rioting cities. She then begin talking to him about the Hakkenshi. She tells Yatsufusa about the warriors and what they are, as well as how her brother is one of them. Fuse then hands him her favorite book. She declares that she loves him and that they will have to see each other again so he can return the book to her. Yatsufusa is confused by the gesture. Tamazusa, who had witnessed the meeting, joins him after Fuse leaves. She mentions to Yatsufusa that she had heard he saved the girl. She adds that Yatsufusa is hers and, if he doesn't want anything to happen to Fuse, he'd do better to remember that. Yatsufusa, grows jealous seeing him with Fuse and places a curse on the two. The curse is said to lead to an unknown tragedy.

Present time, school year 1991/92.

The Hakkenshi 8 are reincarnated into normal people, each of them connected to a bead containing a kanji character that reflects one of the eight fundamental virtues of Confucianism. Each Hakkenshi is now studying or working at CLAMP Academy. Touma Kazae, Inue Shimbe Masashi's reincarnation, is a 1st year high school student at CLAMP Academy. In his dreams he sees glimpses of his past life, even though he can't remember it on his own. His best friends are his senpai, Katoro Tatsukawa, Inukawa Sosuke Yoshitou's reincarnation and Masami Koyama, Inuyama Dosetsu Tadatomo's reincarnation. Touma's homeroom teacher is Shiyuu Genda, Inuta Kobongo Yasuyori's reincarnation. Apart from Touma, the other Hakkenshi remember their pasts and are keeping a watchful eye on him, protecting him secretly. One day, Fuyukaze Shiro, Yatsufusa's reincarnation, becomes Touma's Kazae new math teacher. Touma gets the feel that he had already Fuyukaze, but can't remember where. That same day he catches sight of Tomoe Ozaka, Inuzaka Keno Tanetomo's reincarnation and Aoi Kuzuka, Inuzuka Shino Moritaka's reincarnation. The same strange feeling over comes Touma as he recognizes them as the two girls who appeared in his dreams. Shortly after, while he is going back home with Kotaro and Masami, they iare attacked by a bunch of CLAMP Academy students, wearing masks and using claw-like weapons. The attackers call them the Hakkenshi and demand they give up on living. Kotaro and Masami pull out their weapons and fight them off. Watching them, Touma thinks the occurance is similar to what happens in his dreams.

The following daym Touma is summoned by Fuyukaze, who tells him he'd been waiting to meet him after Touma disappeared right in front of him 300 years ago. Fuyukaze pulls out a katana and with it, corners the confused boy. Touma thinks the teacher is joking until Shiyuu joins them. Shiyuu comes up with an excuse and takes him away. Fuyukaze asks the man if he's trying to hinder him, at which he gets an affirmative answer and a warning that the princess will not help him.

Later that same day, while Shiyuu is teaching litterature lesson, Touma falls asleep and when he comes back to, the class is empty. He hears a girl's voice behind him asking if he wants to hinder her. He turns and sees a kindergarten girl, Tamazusa's reincarnation, floating out of the window. She tells him that if his body is torn apart, he won't be able to reincarnate. She also informs him that he had promised her not to bother her because 'that person' is hers. Touma is confused, she attacks him with magic, saying no matter how many times he'll reincarnate, she won't let him stop her from having her revenge. As he's hit Touma has a quick series of flashbacks. She would was close to killing him when Shiyuu jumps in font of him, calling also Suo, Inumura Daikaku Masanori's reincarnation, to help him. The boy attacks the young girl with his kunai but, using her magic, she manages to stop them. Before disappearing, she announces that the Satomi Hakkenshi will not win and that she will use their heads as decorations. Utterly stunned and confuse, Touma faints. Shiyuu takes him to the infirmary and stays with him while the school nurse leaves. He's joined by a second year university student, Yuuto Kigai, Inugai Genpachi Nobumichi's reincarnation, who's standing outside the window. He had been warned about what had happened by Suo and wonders if this had caused Touma's memory to return but, is then informed that's not the case. Yuuto says "maybe that's better for him." but Shiyuu disagrees since the boy is being attacked due to what had happened in his past life. Yuuto guesses that Tamazusa is behind all the strange occurances.

Some time passes before Touma wakes up and is informed by Kotaro and Masami that he had fallen asleep in class and had gotten a concussion. The boy believes them but informs them he had dreamt of a princess telling him she fell in love with a monster. Later, Kotaro, Masami, Shiyuu, Yuuto, Suo, Tomoe and Aoi are having a meeting in which they discuss the situation. The discuss how Touma has yet to remember his past life and that he believes his dreams to be just dreams. and how They all seems to be in agreeance that Tamazusa is behind this. The 7 members of the Hakkenshi were surprised to learn that the witch has been reincarnated as a kindergartener. They wonder if her motiveis still the grudge she held in the in the past. Masami declares he doesn't want him to remember because he looks happier this way, even if Kotaro points out this could make things more dangerous for him. The two begin arguing when Tomoe notices three girls. Two of the girls, twns Akehi and Kurehi attack them. The twin enemies use a bell that causes monsters and a strong wind to appear. Tomoe and Aoi manage to fend them off but Akehi and Kurehi escape. The Tomoe and Aoi demanded the attackers tell them wherer Tamazusa is. The twins answer she will meet them soon. In the meantime, the boys are wondering what the design on the girls' panties were since they managed to catch a glimpse of them.

Meanwhile Akehi and Kurehi report to Tamazusa's kindergartner reincarnation, informing her that one of the Satomi twins has yet to recover his memory. Tamazuasa is pleased and summons Kagura, demanding her to make the Hakkenshi pay.

After having a long dream in which he sees how Fuse fell in love with Yatsufusa, Touma wakes up; still believing all it is all just a dream. However, he notes that he looks like Fuse and Fuse's brother, while Yatsufusa looks like his math teacher. He figures Fuse really loved Yatsufusa and at the same time, feels a pain in his chest, the same as what he believed the girl felt.

Shortly after, Kotaro and Masami show up to take him to school. The two boys are worried about Touma. They also worry about where the weapons involved in their previous life had ended up. The weapons of the other Hakkenshi had in fact, turned into family heirlooma, but the same couldn't be said for Touma's. The two worry that if he doesn't regain his memories soon, things could turn ugly.

Once at school, Touma has a music lesson. The teacher is Kagura who dismisses the class and asks him to stay behind. All of sudden he finds himself in a forest and worries for the teacher. Kagura remarks that Touna really hadn't recovered his memory and that she's there to kill him.[1]


The Eight Hakkenshi[]

Touma Kazekou
Hagunsei Senki Touma 風江冬馬, Kazekō Tōma

Age: 14-15
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP High School, freshman, year Z. Touma is calm and peaceful in nature, always in a good mood and polite with his elders. With surprising agility, he also has excellent reflexes.

Every night, in his sleep, he is haunted by the same dream without being aware that it is in fact a vision of his previous life In his past life, he was Inue Shimbē Masashi (犬江 親兵 衛), a young samurai leading the Satomi clan after the death of his parents, alongside his twin sister, Princess Fuse. He was also the head of a group of talented swordsmen, the Hakkenshi. He wielded the katana called "Murasame-maru" (村雨丸, literally "The great Murasame-maru blade"). He was also a master in hand-to-hand combat. Inue was also very close to her sister, tolerant, calm, but also carefree and always smiling. He liked spending time in libraries reading. These character traits persist in his present life. Touma has the bead marked with kanji 仁 (jin) which means "sympathy" or "benevolence". In Confucianism this virtue is the greatest and most perfect of all.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Koutarou Tatsukawa
Hagunsei Senki Koutarou 龍川幸多郎, Tatsukawa Kôtarô

Age: 15-16
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP Highschool, sophomore, year Z; the same class as Masami Koyama. The two often team up to protect Touma. Koutarou is of an easy-going nature, he is sympathetic and likes to joke. However, he knows how to be serious when the situation requires it. He had a similar personality in his previous life when he was known as Inukawa Sosuke Yoshito (犬川 荘助 義任), a warrior manipulating a lance and member of the Hakkenshi. Within the group he was the joker who relaxed the atmosphere. However, this did not prevent him from fulfilling his duty. Thus, it was he who accompanied Princess Fuse during her journey in the lands where the "monsters" lived. Koutarou has the bead marked with the kanji 義 (gi) which means "duty", "obligation", "righteousness" or "justice".
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Masami Koyama
Hagunsei Senki Masami 虎山 摩沙巳, Koyama Masami

Age: 15-46
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP Highschool, sophomore, year Z. He knows how to keep calm in any situation and is extremely serious. However, the image he portraits is often at odds with his true character. He thus appears as someone wild and stubborn. This rebellious appearance, which is reinforced by his love for motorbikes and his open uniform jacket (gakuseifuku), initially intimidates Touma. But the truth is, Masami is far from gruff and is in fact overprotective, so much so that his comrade Koutarou nicknames him "Touma's Mama". Because of these jokes, he argues regularly with Koutarou. However, that doesn't prevent them from regularly teaming up, especially as Touma Kazae's bodyguards. In his previous life Masami was a Hakkenshi warrior named Inuyama Dosetsu Tadatomo (犬山 道節 忠与). He wielded a weapon very similar to a Neko-Te (猫 手, cat's claw) which he carried on his left arm. Inuyama was very worried about the fate of his master and, Fuse-hime. This is why he too followed in the journey through hostile territory. Masami has the bead marked with the kanji 忠 (chū) which means "loyalty" and "honesty".
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Shiyuu Genda
Hagunsei Senki Shiyuu 玄田志勇, Genda shiyū

Age: TBA
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Shiyuu is a professor of classical literature at CLAMP Highschool. He is the teacher of class 1-Z, Touma's class. He remembers his previous life as a warrior of Hakkenshi, in which just like in present day, he was also the oldest member in the past. He secretly watches over Touma. He is calm, patient, although sometimes insensitive and detached. In his previous life he was called Inuta Kobongo Yasuyori (犬田 小文吾 悌順). Because of his status as the eldest, he held the role of the chief of Hakkenshi. It was he, who designated the warriors accompanying Fuse-hime in the expedition. He fights with a Jūmonji Yari (十 文字 槍), a three-pointed spear. Shiyuu has the bead marked with the kanji 悌 (tei) which means "brotherhood" and "respect for the elders".
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Tomoe Ozaka
Hagunsei Senki Tomoe 凰坂 朋, Ôzaka Tomoe

Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP Highschool, junior, year Z. She is the president of the high school women's archery club. Tomoe is the daughter of a wealthy family. She considers Yuuto Kigai as her brother whom she calls "Big brother" but it is not known if a familial relationship exists. She also seems to be very friendly with Aoi Kuzuka. Tomoe is calm in nature and her well-composed demeanor makes her very popular with the other girls in the school. According to Koutarou Tatsukawa, she also knows how to prepare excellent onigiri. In the few chapters of Hagunsei Senki published, when the Hakkenshi team is attacked by Akehi and Kurehi it is she who manage to injure one of them thanks to her arrows. In her previous lif,e Tomoe was named Inuzaka Keno Tanetomo (犬坂 毛野 胤智) one of the members of Hakkenshi. She fought using her bow and arrows, and held the role of the "big sister" within the group. Tomoe has bead marked with the kanji 智 (chi), meaning "wisdom".
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Aoi Kazuka
Hagunsei Senki Aoi 孔塚 葵, Kazuka Aoi

Age: 17-19
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP Highschool, seniour, year Z. She has a strong, quarrelsome and brawny character which contrasts her beauty. She is of the impatient type and is very active and agile. She seems to be very friendly with Tomoe Ozaka. Thus, in Hagunsei Senki, when the Hakkenshi is attacked by Akehi and Kurehi it is she who makes an opening so that Tomoe can reach their adversaries using her arrows. In her previous life she was Inuzuka Shino Moritaka (犬塚 信乃 戌孝) one of the eight warriors of the Hakkenshi group. Back then, she worried a lot about the fate of Princess Fuse but had only a poor opinion of Inuzaka Keno Tanetomo (alias Tomoe Ozaka) and Inukawa Sosuke Yoshito (alias of Koutarou Tatsukawa). She fought with weapons resembling brass knuckles on each hand, such as Tekkō (鉄 甲) or Shinobi Shuko (忍 び 手 甲). Aoi is the holder of the bead marked with the kanji 孝 (kō), meaning "devotion" or "filial piety".
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Souh Takamura
Hagunsei Senki Souh

Age: 9-10
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP School, 4th grade, year Z. He comes from a famous family of ninja whose members have always had the mission of protecting a special person as a bodyguard. Although he is the youngest member of the Hakkenshi, Suoh has an extremely calm and thoughtful temperament. In addition, he is an expert in martial arts. In the "present world", after meeting with the reincarnation of Tamazusa, Nagisa Azuya, he seems to have a crush on her and blushes when he thinks of her. In his previous life Suoh was called Inumura Daikaku Masanori (犬村 大角 礼儀) and was one of the eight warriors of Hakkenshi. He fought with kunais (苦 無) but also with other various traditional ninja tools. He was a warrior with a big heart who was particularly sensitive to the fate of Inue Shimbe Masashi (aka Touma Kazae) and his sister Fuse-Hime. He complained that Inue Shimbe Masashi was orphaned so young and sympathized with how he was forced far too young to take the head of the Satomi clan. Suoh holds the bead marked with the kanji 礼 (rei) which means "courtesy" but also "knowledge and strict observation of tradition and manners".
Cameos & Appearances: CLAMP School Detectives, DUKLYON, CLAMP in Wonderland OVA, CLAMP in Wonderland 2 OVA

Yuuto Kigai
Hagunsei Senki Yuuto 麒飼 遊人, Kigai Yûto

Age: 19-20
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP School, 2nd year of university, year Z. He is of a relaxed nature and has great mental acuity. He is also very cultured with vast knowledge in all areas. He considers Tomoe Ozaka as his little sister, although it is not known if a familial connection unites them. Tomoe, tends to consider him as a playboy who knows all the girls on the CLAMP campus. However, the fact that he did not notice the reincarnation of Tamazusa, proves that he still does not pay attention to kindergarten children. In his previous life he was Inugai Genpachi Nobumichi (犬飼 現八 信道) one of the eight warriors of the Hakkenshi. He was fighting with a weapon resembling a kyoketsu shoge (距 跋 渉 毛). It the past, he seemed to be a person who was lively and liked to joke. Yuuto is the holder of the bead marked with the kanji 信 (shin), meaning "faith" and "truth".
Cameos & Appearances: TBA


Hagunsei Senki Tamazusa 玉梓, Tamazusa

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
CLAMP School, second year kindergarten, flower division. In Hagunsei Senki, very little is known about her, not even her name. In the four published chapters of this series, neither her name nor her first name is ever mentioned. Her identity is very close to that of Nagisa Azuya from CLAMP School Detectives. She is endowed with magic powers, and seeks to destroy the reincarnations of the members of Satomi Hakkenshi; Touma in particular. She has several members of the CLAMP academy under her control to help her. In her previous life she was Tamazusa (玉梓) a powerful witch in love with the mononoke Yatsufusa whom she considered to be hers. Extremely jealous, it was her resentment towards Princess Fuse that caused a tragedy for the Satomi Clan in the 17th century. Not satisfied with the revenge she obtained then, she decided to continue her work through her reincarnations to finally get what she wants.
Cameos & Appearances: CLAMP School Detectives, CLAMP in Wonderland OVA, CLAMP in Wonderland 2 OVA

Fuyukaze Shirou
Hagunsei Senki Fuyukaze 司郎 冬風, Shirō Fuyukaze

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
A new CLAMP School math teacher. He is a tall, mysterious man, with a sharp look under his glasses. Very little is known about him except that he tells Touma that he has been waiting to see him for 300 years. In his previous life, he was a mononoke spirit (物の怪) by the name of Yatsufusa (八房). He saved Princess Fuse from a youkai's attack and leading to her falling in love with him. When the princess confessed her feelings to him, he did not reject them. He was, however, quickly called to order by Tamazusa who seems to consider Yatsufusa belonging to her. Thereafter, certain events led to him to hate Inue Shimbe Masashi and the Satomi clan. There are indications that the two men fought but then Inue Shimbe Masashi disappeared before Yatsufusa could kill him. From then on, the mononoke retains resentment towards the young man and pursues him through his reincarnation.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Akehi & Kurehi
Hagunsei Akehi and Kurehi 明陽 & 暮陽, Akehi & Kurehi

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Twin sisters attending CLAMP highschool. Under this assumed identity they turn out to be yokai of Tamazusa; reincarnations of ancient demons in the service of the witch Tamazusa. They are sent on a mission to spy on the Hakkenshi group. When discovered by Tomoe Ozaka, they reveal that they have combat capabilities and that they use a bell capable of creating illusions as a weapon. Despite their defeat against the warriors of Satomi, it is they who provide Tamazusa with information on Touma Kazae's amnesia.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Hagunsei Senki Kagura 神楽, Kagura

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
A music teacher at the CLAMP school. She is actually a yokai under Tamazusa, whom she continues to serve faithfully in her present day reincarnation. She even appears to be Tamazusa's reincarnation's right hand. The witch entrusts Kagura with the mission of destroying the Satomi Hakkenshi. As Touma's music teacher, Kagura takes advantage of a moment to attack him when she finds herself alone in class with him. This attack allows her to obtain confirmation of the young man's amnesia.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA


Princess Fuse
Hagunsei Senki Fuse Hime 伏姫, Fuse-Hime

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Fuse was the twin sister of Lord Inue Shimbē Masashi and acts by his side as the leader of the Satomi Clan (里見) following the death of their parents. She was a young, sporty, playful, sociable woman who knew how to ride a horse. Very close to her brother, she always shared her thoughts and feelings with him. One day she made him aware of hier desire to go to a mountain that was said to be haunted by yokai. Not afraid of monsters and wanting to prove to everyone that they were no different from humans, she went to this hostile place. However, she was attacked. She was then rescued and saved by a mononoke, Yatsufusa. She fell in love with him and therefore sought his company; she confessed to her brother. It is unknown if she was reincarnated into the present day as the magazine discontinued before any further information could be provided.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Other Media[]


Sometimes, on certain Japanese sales sites, there is a work not listed on wikipedia among the CLAMP publications. This book, which seems to contain, according to the descriptions, a novel on Hagunsei Senki written by Nanase Ohkawa. The cover of the book is by Mokona Apapa and interior illustrations by Leeza Sei are reported. Released in July 1989 in the [i:z] series.

In addition it should be noted on the one hand that this work presents on its cover the name of several authors, which would indicate that it is a collection of several short stories. This explains why it is not published under the CLAMP label.


General CLAMP Universe[]

Although the characters of Hagunsei Senki do not explicitly appear in other CLAMP works, other characters from other CLAMP works have appeared in Hagunsei Senki.

  • Tamazusa's present day reincarnation uses Nagisa Azuya's design from CLAMP School Detectives, Man of Many Faces and DUKLYON.
  • Suoh Takamura from CLAMP School Detectives, DUKLYON, Man of Many Faces, Tsubasa: Reserviour Chronicles appears as a main character.
  • Many of the characters use designs from Shoten characters.
  • Masami Koyama appears in CLAMP School Detectives and DUKLYON.
  • Tomoe Ozaka appears in CLAMP School Detectives and DUKLYON and is mentioned in a X Drama CD.
  • Aoi Kuzuka appears in CLAMP School Detectives and DUKLYON.
  • Yuuto Kigai appears in CLAMP School Detectives and Tsubasa: Reserviour Chronicles.