Hana from Gate 7
Series: Gate 7
English Name: Hana
Gender: Genderless
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: Hana-chan
Relations: Sakura (Watches over Hana)
Tachibana (Watches over Hana)
Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Alive, Active
Powers: Skilled swordsman
Small use of Spells
First Appearance: Gate 7 Manga: Chapter 0 (The oneshot before Gate 7's serialization)
Last appearance: -
English voice actor: N/A
Japanese voice actor: N/A
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Hana is a fictional character that appears in Gate 7, a manga created by the mangaka group, CLAMP. Hana is a strange warrior-child who fights against supernatural enemies with weapons made by Sakura and Tachibana. Little else is known about them.

Personality Edit

Hana is a bit of a klutz and acts more like a hungry kitten than a child. Hana loves noodles in general and can't have enough of it. Hana will even lost track of everything the moment Hana sees a noodle restaurant and quickly runs towards it to eat some noodle.

Despite Hana;s cute and childlike personality, Hana is a strong and smart person who is capable of fighting ferocious beast and Oni. Hana wont hesitate to attack those who endanger the people Hana care about and won't cry over a small injury.

Hana may seem clueless at times but at a personal level, Hana's train of thoughts are very deep. There is a sense of longing and loneliness deep inside of Hana that contradicts Hana's cute personality. A mature personality that can even tame fearsome animals.

Appearance Edit

Despite Hana's gender being unclear, Hana looks like a small middle school girl. Even Chika and Masamune is under the impression that Hana is a girl. Hana is usually seen wearing lavishly design clothes and sometimes cute animal clothes as well. Hana appear to always be smiling and having fun no matter the situation. Regarding Hana's beauty, Chika commented that Hana won't lose to even Iemitsu.

Powers Edit

Hana doesn't seem to have an Oni so they draw their powers mainly from Tachibana and Sakura's help. Though they also have power of their own, they're strongest when using the weapons that Tachibana and Sakura provide for them.

Myoho Edit

An ability that allow Hana to use the powers of others as long as Hana has seen a power before.