Hidarite Cover
Kanji: 左手
Romaji: Hidarite
English Title: lit. Left Hand
Genre(s): Horror, Drama
Publisher: Shinshoka
Illustrator: Mokona Apapa
Magazine: South
Run: May 16, 1994
# of Volumes: 1

左手 (Hidarite, Left Hand) is a 16-page short story published in the magazine South in 1994. The story is written by Nanase Ohkawa while Mokona Apapa was in charge of design.


A boy recounts the experiences of his earlier childhood. His room was his castle. When he was afraid, he could always take refuge in his room, especially under his futon. By over time he began to believe that it acted as a kekkai futon at night. When his room darkened, if he put a foot or head out of the futon, he'd be injured.
At the age of 8 years the child fractured his foot after falling from a tree. Was forced to remain in hospital for a long time. He refused the attention of his mother and the nurses, and he began to explore the hospital to kill time.
One day he met a girl with long, light brown hair. She seemed like a princess from the fairy tales his mother told him. Believing that the princess intended to save him, the child spent his time observing from afar.
One day he had a dream where the girl was chased by something, and after he awoke with a jump, ran to her, in her hospital room. When caught, he saw the sleeping princess, but noticed that her left hand was sticking out from under the covers; beyond the limits of the bed. Believing that something would cut her, he tried to place it under the covers, but could not. He was enchanted by the pallor of her face. Frightened, he ran into his bed and began to pray for the girl.
The next day, the child visited her again, and looking at her left hand, he noticed with horror that it had disappeared. Her arm ended at the wrist, covered with bandages. The child began to cry, as he blamed himself for not having the courage to save the her.


Hidarite Boy Unknown, Unknown

Age: 8
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Naive and imaginative, the young boy is fearful of the dark and believes in his futon has the power to ward off evil that lurks in the night. He thinks himself to be somewhat of a knight-in-shining-armor when he meets the girl with long, light-brown hair. He feels guilt for not being able to help her.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA

Girl "Princess"
Hidarite Girl "姫様", "Hime-sama"

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
A young girl, described by the boy as, "like a princess from the stories mom read to me." She has long light-brown hair and light brown eyes. The boy makes note that she is almost as pale as the walls are white. Her reason for being at the hospital is unknown. The next day, the boy goes to peer into her room again, it is discovered that her left-hand had been amputated some time earlier in the day.
Cameos & Appearances: TBA


  • In one panel of the short, the boy is seen reading the tale of Rapunzel.