Hitaride (yomikiri)
左手 (Hidarite?), is a 16-page yomikiri published in the magazine South Summer in 1994. The story is written by Nanase Okawa while Mokona was in charge of design.


A boy recounts the experiences of his childhood: he was a child, his room was his castle. When he was afraid he could always take refuge in her room, especially under his futon, and feel protected. By the time he began to believe that it acted as a kekkai futon, at night when his room darkened , if he put a foot or head out of the bed futon, he'd be injured.
At the age of 8 years the child fractured his foot after falling from a tree. Was forced to remain in hospital for a long time, which I find very unreasonable. He refused the attentions of his mother, the nurses, and he began to explore the hospital, to kill time.
The child noticed that the hospital was all white walls with sheets, but one day he met a girl from long light brown hair, and seemed like a princess from the fairy tales his mother told him. Believing that the princess intended to save him, the child spent his time observing from afar.
One day he had a dream where the girl was chased by something, and after he awoke with a jump, ran to her, in her hospital room. When caught, he saw the sleeping princess, but noticed that his left hand was sticking out from under the covers, beyond the limits of the bed. Believing that something would cut her, he tried to reclaim it under the covers, but could not. He was enchanted by the pallor of her face as white as the rest of the hospital. Frightened, he ran into his bed and began to pray for the girl.
The next day, the child visited her again, and looking at his left hand, he noticed with horror that had disappeared. His arm ended at the wrist, covered with bandages. The child began to cry, because the night before had not had the courage to save the girl's hand. Even now, the boy comes back with the hand of the girl disappeared.


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