Hikaru Shidou
Magic Knight of Fire, Hikaru Shidou
Series: Magic Knight Rayearth
Angelic Layer
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
English Name: Lucy Shidou
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: August 8
Other names: Lucy Gonzales (Latin American Dub)
Relations: Satoru Shidou (brother)
Masaru Shidou (brother)
Kakeru Shidou (brother)
Hikari (pet dog)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Active (MKR)
Fictional (Angelic Layer)
Unknown (TRC)
Powers: Heir of the powers of the Magic Knight of Fire
Control of the Mashin: Rayearth
Kendo Fighting Style and Swordsmanship
Pryrokinetic Magic
First Appearance:
Last appearance:
English voice actor: Julie Maddalena (series)
Tara Jayne(OVA)
Japanese voice actor: Hekiru Shiina
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Hikaru Shidou is a fictional character and main protagonist of CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth. A petite, strong-willed girl from Tokyo, summonned by Princess Emeraude of Cephiro while visiting Tokyo Tower along with Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououji. They are destined to become the legendary Magic Knights fabled in ancient legends in Cephiro's mythology. She and her companions must save Princess Emeraude from the evil High Priest Zagato and turn Cephiro into his past glory. She also appears in another major CLAMP series, Angelic Layer, where her role is relegued to a fictional character in that canon, just being mentioned; but serves as base for Misaki's (the main character) angel. Like many charcters in CLAMP's universe, she appears in the multi-crossover CLAMP's work Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and is cameoed in XxxHOLiC.


Hikaru's full name literally means "The Light of Lion Shrine", derivated from her element as a Magic Knght, the fire, which is one of the main sources of light in the universe (Hikaru stands for "light" or "shine"); and her Mashin's sealed form, which takes the shape of a chimeric wolf/lion. Unlike most of the CLAMP Characters, her name was changed between adaptations (in English, this work along with Cardcaptor Sakura where the only series that had names changed). In some English adaptations of the manga, her name is changed to "Lucy Shidou", keeping the last name and taking a more occidental name, which is derivated from luminocity, a mesaurament of light and bright. Unique to other CLAMP works in the Latin American dubs, despite being very loyal to the Japanese original version, (where all the names in other CLAMP works adaptated there ,Cardcaptor Sakura and XxxHOLiC, kept all the names) largely most of the Magic Knight Rayearth characters had their names changed to fit the audience, recieving more regional names. In Hikaru's case, her name was changed to "Lucy Gonzáles", which derivates from the Spanish word for light.


Hikaru is a petite girl, with an actually very long brided reddish pink hair that she ties in a thin horsetail with a red ribbon. Since most of her hair is tied, it appears that is short when in fact it is not. Due to being so short, she is mistaken to be younger than she really is, like when she first met Umi and Fuu, who tought she was still in Elementary School. Despite this, she is very popular with the boys, who find her adorable. Her large eyes are firey red. Her usual outfit is her school uniform, which fitting to her colour scheme is red. It consist of a long sleeved blouse, with a with collar and ribbon in her chest, and a black skirt with red edges. She also wears black shoes with red medium socks. Then, she recieved a white armor adorned with rubys from Clef, which initially had one shoulder and also included white boots and magical guantelet with a big ruby on int, to keep her things and weapons. Upon the evolution of her magical powers. Her sword and armor became more elavorate and eventually red, gaining a red and golden tiara after comleting the growth as a magic knight. During the second part of the series, when she was abducted by Autozam's starship: she recieved from Zazu Torque some Autozam-native clothes: which included black shirt undernath a burgundry coat, a puffy pink skirt and a burgundry overskirt. She also had a headband with a cable around and a white jewel in the front. In the Rayearth OVA, she wears the uniform of CLAMP Academy: a black long-sleeved dress with a white coat. While inside Lexus (unlike in the main series) she is completly naked.


Hikaru is hyper, very energetic, cheerful, confident and determined, very perseverant, quite headstrong and childish (which contributes the fact that many people think she is younger than she actually is). She is also very innocent, often representated by cat ears and sometimes a tail, getting easily surprised by the Tokyo Tower, while her classmates found out boring. She is very natural compared with other girls of her age, she doesn't really care about superficiallities (maybe due to the fact she grew up being the only girl in her family). She even doesn't like watching TV at all, she prefers to play with her pet dog Hikari in the park. Also, due to being the only girl, she is highly protected by her brothers, who alway offer her their support; but this fact do not spoil her, in fact, she is the most diligent and enthusiastic of the trio in the first season, gladly leading their task, even in an unknown world. Event thought, she tends to "try to carry the weigh of the world by herself" as Umi quoted, meaning that if she think she had committed any mistake, she would try to solve it herself without asking help. Fuu also commented that despite her gleeful demeantor, she is strong but not really happy.


Aside from being highly skilled in Kendo swordsmanship since a young age, Hikaru was bestowed with the ability to use fire-based magic by Clef. She was also the first of the Magic Knights to be properly taught how to use magic by Clef. Despite her short height, Hikaru can jump very high.

Hikaru can be compared to a Black Mage from Final Fantasy, since all of her spells are mainly for offense. Her known spells include:

Flame Arrow (Honoo no Ya in Japanese) - One or multiple arrows of fire that can quickly strike and burn victims. This was Hikaru's first spell.

Red Lightning (Akai Inazuma in Japanese)- A powerful orb of lightning that is thrown at the victim, electrocuting them.

After Emeraude's Defeat Edit

In the manga, when the Magic Knights were brought back to Cephiro, Hikaru found out that the world needed a new Pillar or else it would be completely destroyed. Still distraught over the Final Battle, but still willing to fight for and protect Cephiro, Hikaru had a heart "stronger than anyone else", which was recognized by a very small few. This made her worthy of being Cephiro's new Pillar. When she completed the Ultimate Test against Eagle Vision by opening a doorway between Cephiro and Earth, she became the new Pillar, becoming almost god-like in terms of power and will. However, to assuredly save Cephiro and make sure that the tragedy of Princess Emeraude and Zagato never happened again, she, along with Umi and Fuu, destroyed the Pillar System, allowing the people to forge the world with their willpower together.


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Misaki Suzuhara's Angel, Hikaru, is based on Hikaru Shidou in looks and name. She is a light-weight Angel that possesses powerful attacks, which are speed based. Since she is so small, she is more aerodynamic, quick, and agile than most Angel. She was created by Misaki to show that there is nothing wrong with being small. Hikaru's appearance is very tomboyish since Misaki accidentally cut Hikaru's hair too short and is less mature physique compared to other Angel's.

In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle:Edit

Hikaru appears as a crossover character in Chapter 114 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are seen during a school trip to Hong Kong with Sakura Li in Chapter 222.

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