Kakyou no Chikyuu Seifuku Nikki Cover
Kanji: かきょうのちきゅうせいふくにっき
Romanji: Kakyō no Chikyū Seifuku Nikki
English Title: Kakyou's Earth Conquest Diary
Genre(s): Life
Publishing Info
Author: Satsuki Igurashi
Illustrator(s): Tsubaki Nekoi
Publisher: Kodansha
ISBN: ISBN 4-06-330168-0
Publication Date: May 30, 2002
# of Volumes: 1

かきょうのちきゅうせいふくにっき (Kakyō no Chikyū Seifuku Nikki, Kakyou's Earth Conquest Diary) is a novel written by CLAMP. Published by Kodansha on May 30, 2002, the book is a diary about the group's cat, Kakyou.


The daily life of Kakyou is depicted in the form of a diary. Kakyou (7 years old) and Kogane (4 years old), are cats who live in the CLAMP workplace. It's a product of exaggeration as well as anecdotes. Facts are made clear in an interview with the author at the end of the book. In addition to the comments of the writers and editors who appear in the diary, there are two growth-records with photos of the Kakyou and Kogane.


File:Eath Conquest Diary Kakyou.jpg かきょう, Kakyō

Age: 7
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Kakyou is an American curl. She has short brown fur and big eyes. She is known to cause trouble around the workplace, but she is beloved by the CLAMP members.
Cameos & Appearances: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and The Fairies are Watching Us

File:Earth Conquest Diary Kogane.jpg こがね, Kogane

Age: 4
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Kogane is Kakyou's house mate. She was introduced into Kakyou's life later.
Cameos & Appearances: Tsubasa: Reserviour Chronicle and The Fairies are Watching Us