Kamui Shirō
Kamui wielding the Sacred Sword
Series: X
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
English Name:
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Other names: Kamui-chan (by Kotori)
Relations: Tōru Shirō (mother)
Tokiko Magami(aunt)
Subaru Sumeragi(Twin brother, Tsubasa only)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Active (manga and movie)
Decesased (TV Series)
Unknown (Tsubasa)
Powers: Creation of Spherical Kekkai(anime only)
Superhuman Strength
Psychic Powers
Spontaneous Combustion (Movie only)
Expanded Lifespan (Tsubasa only)
Vampric Regeneration and Healing (Tsubasa Only)
Protraction of Claws (Tsubasa Only)
First Appearance:
Last appearance:
English voice actor: Alan D. Marriott(Movie)
Steve Staley (TV Series)
Micah Solusod(Tsubasa)
Japanese voice actor: Tomokazu Seki (Movie)
Kenichi Suzumura (TV Series)
Mamoru Miyano(Tsubasa)
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Kamui Shirō (司狼 神威 Shirō Kamui) is the protagonist of CLAMP's incomplete series X. A powerful esper whose destiny is to decide whether the world should be destroyed so it may be reborn without humanity or save the world so humanity can continue to live in its current state. In the X Tarot Card release, he represents the first card, The Magician, because of his powers and his status as the protagonist; though he also appears, backwards, in The Lovers, along with his beloved, Kotori Monō.


The name of Kamui is heavily refered on this series, as it represents his status as decider of the fate of the Earth. The first meaning, given to him, by his mother and Princess Hinoto, guide of the Dragons of Heaven is "The One Who Represents the Majesty of God", the one who carries God's will to protect the world; and the second meaning, "The One Who Hunts the Majesty of God", the one who carries God's will to change the world by the destruction, cleansing the Earth from all the sins, the latter given by the mastermind of the Dragons of Earth, Hinoto's younger sister, Kanoe. Depending of which fate he choses, his Twin Star, Fuuma Monou, becomes the opposite.


Kamui bandages birds
amui is a rather short, slim young man. During his time in the High School he is refered as an attractive person, being quite popular with the girls just at his first day, fact of what he was oblivious. His skin is pale, almost white, and has big blue eyes (which can sometimes be considered violet and in "X the Movie" appear to be golden brown) slightly covered by his spiky, rather long, deep-black hair. On many pictures in art books, he has brown hair. His usual outfit is the uniform of his school, a black gakuran with red outlines and golden buttons and a white shirt underneath. Representing his role as a potential Dragon of Heaven or Earth, he is sometimes shown with a white, angelical wing in his right shoulder, and a black, demonic wing on the left; there's been also representation of him wielding both white or both black wings, sometimes holding a globe of the world. Besides, this character, like almost every character in this series, has been repeatedly redesigned (as X has been a long-time manga, and is yet unfinished), filling with CLAMP artistic changes; for example, in the TV Series, his eyes are brown instead, while in Tsubasa, where he is a vampire, his eyes can turn golden and cat-like while being naturally purple-grey.


As a child, Kamui was kind and innocent, quite bashful and quiet, but also reliable, as seen when he protected Kotori, fulfilling his promise to Fuma. After his depature from Tokyo, his personality in Okinawa was slightly changed. He remained quiet but whenever angered, he developed his psychic powers with anger and sorrow; but he was still very protective of the ones he loved. After the death of his mother and the discovering of his fate, Kamui, at his return to Tokyo, became cold, stoic and distant with Kotori and Fuma. He also was reckless and rush in his behaviour, as seen when he tried to steal the Sacred Sword from the Monou Shrine, severely injuring Kyōgo Monou, its guardian. Upon meeting Sorata Arisugawa and Princess Hinoto, he was relucant and negated to be involved into the end of the world crisis. After a while, he started to open with Fuma and Kotori. He decided to become a Dragon of Heaven to protect the siblings, but with this decision, Fuma became his twin star as a Dragon of Earth, thus turning Fuma into a savage and violent person, killing his sister and breaking Kamui's heart. Though this was painful to him, he became closer to his fellow Seven Seals, especially with Sorata, who always was by his side, Subaru Sumeragi, who risked his own life to rescue him from the catatonia caused by Kotori's death, and Yuzuriha Nekoi because of her gleeful and energetic personality, and with the serious and reliable Arashi Kishuu; and never forgettiing his mission to rescue Fuma and to turn him into his priror self.


Kamui psychic

Kamui fighting Princess Hinoto's shikigami using his psychic powers

Kamui's primary power are his psychic powers, from a young age he has developed the ability to bend things as hard as metal bars when angry. He could also levitate using this ability. Furthermore, in his teen he increased this power; with a single command or thought he is able to send giant psywaves that destroy everything, from the ground to the people around. He can compress this power so they act like bullets. He can also break spells and redirect them, just like he did to Hinoto when she tried to contact him. Apart from this, he is also physically strong and supernaturally resistant, and also a skilled martial artist. As decider of the fate of the world, he, along with Fuma, can wield the Sacred Sword, which, after becoming a Dragon of Heaven, became his primary weapon, apart from his psychic abilities.

Kamui kekkai

Kamui's spherical kekkai

As a Dragon of Heaven, he is capable of summonning a kekkai, a spiritual barrier, but unlike the other Seven Seals which were born with this ability, Kamui (who could be also a Dragon of Earth) had to learn how to create it. He hadn't manage to do it in the manga, but in the anime he could crete a spherical kekkai which was unique, because instead of protecting the field from damage, it restored all the damage the battle had resulted, but he discovered this power after he was stabbed by Fuma, also restoring his kind side.

Kamui claws

Kamui growing his claws

In Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, as a pure-blood vampire, he had similar phisical abilities and resistance, being match only to strong fighters like Fuma, Kurogane or Syaoran. He could also grow claws from his fingernails. Besides, his wounds could heal and regenerate in a matter of seconds. Finally, as a vampire, Kamui has the ability to turn other people into vampires as well, though it depends on the amount of blood administered to determin whether or not they'll actually become one. If he gives his blood to someone, mixed with the blood of another, the person who gave their blood into the mix will become the new vampire's 'prey', the only one that the vampire can feed from. The process of the transformation is extremely painful and doesn't take long. After the transformation, the newborn has all the strength and powers of a vampire, but they do not have the ability to create new vampires, unlike purebloods.



Kamui had a very normal childhood, growing up with a single mother and his two best friend, Kotori and Fuma. They live together until Kamui is about 8, at which time Kotori and Fuma's mother, Saya, dies giving birth to the Sacred Sword. He and his mother immediately leave Tokyo, moving to Okinawa. Kamui lives there until he is 15 before returning to Tokyo as his mother told him to in her dying breath.

Return to TokyoEdit

Kamui's return to Tokyo lables the beginning of both the anime and manga. He enroles in the same school as Fuma and Kotori, blatantly pushing them away as soon as they try to become friends again. He uses his psychic powers without restraint, destroying roads and buildings without so much as flinching. After the fight with Daisuke Saiki, Princess Hinoto's (bodyguard?), Fuma finds him bleeding in the site of his old home, on the verge of fainting from bloodloss. He tries to get Fuma to ignore him, but it doesn't work and Fuma takes him home. Soon after, Sorata and Arashi meet with Kamui and take him to meet Princess Hinoto, where he learns of his part in the End of the World.

Chooser of the World's FateEdit

Kamui's name has two meanings; The One who Does God's Will, or The One who Hunts God's Will. This shows that he has two possible futures, a future as a Dragon of Heaven or a Dragon of Earth. If he chooses the Dragons of Heaven, he will fight for man-kind and the world as it is. If he chooses the Dragons of Earth, he will fight for the destruction of humanity and allow the Earth to recover without humans. Kamui spends a long time pondering his choice, unsure as to just what he wants to do. It isn't until his Aunt, Tokiko Magami, gives birth to a second Sacred Sword and they go to Clamp Campus that he finally decides to be a Dragon of Heaven. However, this choice awakened the Other Kamui in Fuma, who in turn became a Dragon of Earth to fill in the empty place.

War for the Destiny of the EarthEdit

End of the WarEdit


TV Anime SeriesEdit

The TV series, X-TV, follows a similar storyline to the manga, however, many key scenes and details are left unmentioned or made to seem unimportant. It does very well in showing one possible branch of how the manga could have ended, but doesn't spend to much time delving into the character's pasts or personalities. There are several key characters who have been edited, Kamui being one of those, Subaru another.

Subaru's delve into Kamui's mind after Kotori's death and Fuuma's 'betrayal' is made to be anti-climatic and only accomplishes in showing one sliver of Subaru's past, not at all focusing on Kamui's feelings save for the guilt he suffers for being unable to save Kotori. Many other scenes that had flashy, destructive or touching endings in the manga were also made to be anti-climatic and this lead to the anime being somewhat of a let down, some parts moving too fast and others too slow.

The idea of Kamui being unable to create a kekkai was well tackled by the anime, though it was brought up very few times before the end of the anime. The climax was set up so that Kamui would learn how to make a Kekkai at the end of the final battle, though unlike the kekkais of the rest of the Dragons of Heaven, Kamui's kekkai has the power to completely heal the world, thus the reason he was unable to create it until he had been stabbed by Fuuma and was dying. Most notably, the Dragons killed in the final battle were revived.

The anime has a marvelous sound track which greatly adds to the atmosphere of the story. The music was composed by Naoki Satō and two original soundtracks were released. The anime was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and copywrited by Funimation Entertainment, who released an english version of the anime in 2010.

Video GamesEdit

In Other MediaEdit

In Tsubasa Reservoir ChroniclesEdit

Kamui Tsubasa

Kamui, one of the Twin Vampires from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Kamui is featured in the CLAMP crossover series, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, there his is a pure-blood vampire and has a twin brother, Subaru. Because of the power vampire have to turn someone inmortal, they had became legend, as the Twin Vampires, myth that even crosses dimmensions. Because of this the treasure hunter Seishiro found them, and likely something occurred causing Subaru to give Seishiro some of his blood, turning the vampire into the hunter's prey. So Kamui and his twin brother started crossing dimmensions, with the help of Yuko Ichihara, to escape from him, when finally arrived to Tokyo about two years before Syaoran and their group. Due to the space-time discordance because of the shatter of the Sakura's feathers, one of them fell into the water reservoir of the Government Building. Subaru was drawn into it, attracted by the power of the feather, and put inside a coccoon. Kamui was later found by the people that lived there, and thinking he was a theif, they attacked him; but were defeated. Kamui vowed to protect the water, and Subaru inside, and allied with the protectors of the building (who are in fact the Dragons of Earth, with Kazuki (Nataku's prior self) replacing Seishiro, in X). Two years before, Fuma, Seichiro's younger brother had arrived too, and allied with the people form the Tokyo Tower (the Dragons of Heaven and their ally Daisuke Saiki from X), who also had a water reservoir and a refiner to purify it, and so, often fight with Kamui's group. That's how they started their constant battles, for food and water. Years later, Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, Mokona and an asleep Sakura arrived from LeCourt City, wounded. Kamui and his partners attacked them thinking they were theives, but after a battle with Kurogane (which ended in a draw), and Fai explaining what is really happening, they allow them to stay with them, if they can work for their food. While hunting a mutant, they meet Fuma and the Tower Group, and discover their rivalities. Just then, Mokona tracks the feather below the Government Building, which annoys Kamui. In the water reservoir, thinking that his blood would awake Subaru, he started attacking Syaoran, but during the fight, the right-eye seal on Syaoran breaks him an emotionless being dead set on getting back Sakura's feathers. Kamui realizes that Syaoran is not human and tries to kill him, but is stopped by Fai. Syaoran attacks Fai and eats one of his eyes, but when he was about to eat the other one, he is stopped by Kurogane. Then, Kamui feels the presence of someone coming, someone is not the person hunting them, it is the real Syaoran. The two Syaoran fight and when the real one is about to finish off the clone, he is stopped by Sakura, who has awakened. The clone uses this opportunity to stab Syaoran's leg. He then opens the barrier protecting Sakura and Subaru, Kamui tries to stop them, but his twin stops him. As the clone disappears, Subaru breaks out of his cocoon, as he is not trapped by the feather anymore and reunites with his brother. He tells Subaru that they had to escape now, before Seichiro found them, but Subaru askes to wait a little more. In the building, Subaru, to fulfill Kurogane's wish to save Fai, is ready to give him his blood to turn him into a vampire. Kamui, who didin't want to hurt him, gives his blood instead, mixing it with Kurogane's. After Sakura finishes the requirements for the wish of bringing fresh water to Tokyo, and leaves her feather so it wont corrupt, the group leaves. Kamui and his brother leave shortly after, and so far, have not been caught.

In CLAMP in WonderlandEdit

Kamui is featured in all of CLAMP aniversary homages.

In CLAMP in Wonderland 1Edit

Kamui wonderland1

Kamui falling into a dark hole with the CLAMP Campus fish

Though this video has no protagonists, Kamui is the first character to appear, walking by an alley surrounded by cherry blossoms; he then found CLAMP Campus pufferfish bouncing around, as he tries to catch it he falls into a big dark hole, where many the main characters of CLAMP works (including himself) appear chronologically. He then is seen along with Fuma, his fellow Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, at the Tokyo Tower, gazing at the horizon, when they're interrupted by Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououji with their Mashin, which destroy the Tower after they all flee.

In CLAMP in Wonderland 2Edit

Kamui wonderland2

Kamui tearfully blaming Fuma

In this second homage,the mokonas appear in a restaurant in Tokyo, where the black mokona eats Kamui's okonomiyaki, but he didn't notice and chucks a full scale tantrum, crying and blaming Fuma, who was eating with him, this led to a psychic battle between them and subsecuencially, to make the place explode, sending to fly away to the Mokonas, Sorata, Arashi, Yuzuriha, Kakyou, Kotori, Miyuki, Karen and Satsuki.

In CLAMP in Wonderland EXEdit

Kamui wonderlandEX

Kamui awakening in Yuko's Shop

Kamui is the main guest in this manga homage (being XxxHOLiC the host), here, in the unfinished final battle with Fuma, Kamui is send to Yuko's Shop, where he is found by Watanuki, he takes him into the shop as a costumer and meets Yuko Ichihara who ask him for his wish. He responds that his wish is to turn his dear friend back to normality, to which the witch responds that the price to pay is severely large. Mokona buts in and declares that the price is the World. Kamui is shocked and Watanuki is pissed. Mokona then says that he's just kidding. Before the witch can say the actual price, Fuma appears to tell him that only he could make his wish come true. The tearful Kamui heads back and they start to fight, much to Watanuki's surprise.