水都の四兄弟 創竜伝・外伝
Sohryuden Side Story Cover
Kanji: 水都の四兄弟 創竜伝・外伝
Romaji: Mizuto no shi kyōdai sōryūden gaiden
English Title: Four Brothers of Water City: Legend of the Dragon Kings - Side Story
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Mythology
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic: Shojo
Magazine: Mystery DX
Run: February 1993 - April 1993
# of Volumes: 0
See Sohryuden Genga Shu.

水都の四兄弟 創竜伝・外伝 (Mizuto no Shi Kyōdai Sōryūden - Gaiden, Brothers of the Water City: Legend of the Dragon Kings - Side Story) is a short manga work of CLAMP's. It is the manga version of Yoshiki Tanaka's novel "Soryuden".

The story is reworked to be a CLAMP original and is developed with the characters of the original novel "Soryuden".

For this work, CLAMP was engaged in coverage of Osaka, so many buildings and shops that existed at that time appear in the work.

It was published in the "Mystery DX" by Kadokawa Shoten from February's issue to April's issue in the year of 1994. It is unfinished due to several circumstances. It was not included in the novels that were later released, but it was included in Sohryuden Genga Shu released in May of 2004.