Mokona-ojio no E-hom - portada

Title: Mokona-ojio no E-ho, traduced as "The Princess Mokona"

Author: Tsubaki Nekoi

Editorial : Kadokawa Shoten
Year: 1994

Gender: Comedy, children

Manga: 1 Volume

3D Book: Images pop out of the book once opened


This story of only 10 pages came with the Artbook Clamp North Side, it is the same that years before, CLAMP published in a form of an illustration book, compilated into manga.

Princess Mokona goes from being a egoist and unpolite girl to being a gentle person, receiving a valuable lesson of humility from the Queen and the people.


Seemingly, this story is protagonized by the four members of CLAMP, since their names are mentioned here.

Princess Mokona also appears at the Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon ending .. and the ending of Clamp in Wonderland 1. Along the brief adventure Princess Mokona encounters with Akira, Souh and Nokoru from Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan.