Moryo Kiden Vol.1
Kanji: 魍魎姫伝
Romaji: Mōryō Kiden
English Title: it. Legend of All-Spirits-Princess

Moryo Kiden: The Legend of the Moryo-Princess (Tokyopop)
Mouryou Kiden: Legend of the Nymph (Viz Media)

Genre(s): Fantasy
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten (JP)


Demographic: Shojo
Magazine: Monthly Asuka
Publication Date: 1994 – 1995
# of Volumes: 3

魍魎姫伝 (Mōryō Kiden, Legend of the Moryo-Princess) is a manga written by Tamayo Akiyama, a former member of the all-female mangaka group, CLAMP. It was first published in Monthly Asuka and was published from 1994-1995.


A long long time, thousands upon thousands of years before the story we know the world was covered by mist, and ruled by the Goddess of Light, Lady Mikage from Fuyo palace, and who protects the sacred pillars of the Sun.

Ayaka, the daughter of the Goddess of Darkness, Reiki, who was sealed by Mikage many many years ago, thousands to be, attacks the Fuyo palace with his Eleven Moryos to destroy the sacred pillars of the Sun and revive her mother, but in the midst of battle she meets Kai, son of Mikage, and inadvertently falls in love with him instantly. When Kai, who does not know who is actually Ayaka since he only knows her name, talks about Reiki's daughter, said that "she's a monster," bursts into tears and falls into the realm of Reiki only to discover that Kai is actually the son of his enemy and therefore also her enemy. Kai descends to the underworld in search of Ayaka, but can not pass beyond the front door because it was sealed by Mikage, being the member of the clan of the gods he has great magical powers and fight the monsters that inhabit those dark territories, being seriously injured. Before dying is Reiki who rescues/kidnaps him and tells Ayaka he's dead. Ayaka refuses to believe, but having seen proof from her mother, there's no doubt, Kai's flute is in her hands. Two Ogres who claim to be Kai's brothers snatch Kai's flute from Ayaka, she's recovering after so much mourning, she continues to invoke his Moryo to Shikishyu, which is the place where Kai comes from and where he is the Master. There she meets one of Kai's fellows, and one of the great secrets about her origin is revealed, she can also play the flute that can only be touched by the gods.



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Gender: Female
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In the beginning, she is believed to be the daughter of Reika, the Goddess of Darkness, and a monster. In truth, she is the Goddess of the Moon and Mikage's twin sister. Mikage assassinated Ayaka, sealed her body in the Underworld, and hid her soul. Kai's father had found her soul and put it in the body of a newborn baby of a Moryo and a woman. Her love for Kai isn't "love at first sight" as she thinks it is, since they met when they were children, but Mikage had erased their memories of that time.
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