Murikuri cover
Kanji: むりくり
Romaji: Murikuri
Genre(s): Comedy
Publisher: Kodansha
Demographic: Seinen
Magazine: Young Magazine
Run: December 20, 2002
# of Volumes: 1

むりくり (Murikuri, MuriKuri) is a one-shot manga by CLAMP, published in Vol. 4/5 (a special double issue) of Kodansha's Young Magazine in 2002. It is categorized as seinen.

Murikuri is a series of several short stories. It is only 16 pages long; in which the reader is told "7 comic stories, insane, random featuring aliens, a man conceiving a baby, and a pig."


Many of these stories revolve around sexual desire. Each story is a separate scenario, but the shorts about the middle school boy and his pig-friend are the only point of a semi-continuous storyline.

"MuriKuri" 1[]

A girl present a love letter to a pig dressed in a boys middle school uniform. The pig's human friend comments on how the pig is very popular among the girls at the school. The pig remarks that he doesn't understand girls; the human friend agrees.

"MuriKuri" 2[]

A young woman is cooking nabeyaki udon when her husband comes home from work. She welcomes him and asks how he is feeling, noticing that something is off. The husband tells her he had a medical exam at work and was announced to be 3 months pregnant. The wife comments how no one knows who will carry the child between a man or woman. She states that some say it's dependent on what you eat and the frequency of a couple's sexual life. The husband then says he should ask for paternity leave soon, and the wife agrees. The mother-to-be then comments that a she should ask for a paternity leave as well since another young woman at work will be asking for one soon. The wife and husband than comment on which of the other couple with be carrying the baby. The wife perks up and pats the husbands pack, saying that that is where the baby will be growing. She then sorrowfully asks the husband if "they have to stop 'doing it' now." to which the husband sadly replies "We're gonna have to wait for the stability period."

"MuriKuri" 3[]

The human boy asks his pig-friend what kind of girls he likes. The pig is very short and remarks that he like the girls that wear panties with strawberry patterns. The friend then asks about the girls' faces, to which the pig replies "I don't know, I can only see their nostrils." The friend then laments that the pig is lucky because he can look at girls' panties all he wants. The big corrects him saying "it's not as often as you think."

"MuriKuri" 4[]

The pig and his human-friend sit eating lunch on the school's rooftop with two other boys. The boys comment about a cute girl in another class and quickly ask the pig what the motif of her panties are. The pig answers "demons", ro which everyone then sits in awkward silence.

"MuriKuri" 5[]

A Santa Claus and his girlfriend are arguing about spending Christmas together. The Santa continually asks the girlfriend if she really understands what she got herself into when they first started dating. The girlfriend continues to whine about how other girls get to spend Christmas with their boyfriends. The Santa clams down and says he will book a hotel and reserve some seats at a restaurant the day after, but the girlfriend won't budge and the two continue to argue.

"MuriKuri" 6[]

The boy and his pig-friend are walking down a street when they see a woman in a yukata bowing. The pig comments that they had dated the year before. The boy and the pig then reminisce about times gone by.

"MuriKuri" 7[]

A house-wife is vacuuming when a loud noise is heard coming from above her roof. She trembles in fear when a group of aliens appear. The aliens then begin to survey the damages and inform the woman of the repair costs. She then screams as the total is a terribly high sum of money.