Rayearth OVA
Kanji: レイアース
Romanji: Reiāsu
English Title: Rayearth
Genre(s): Fantasy, mecha
Director: Toshiki Hirano
Producer(s): Polygram Japan, Kodansha, TMS-Kyokuchi
Writer(s): Osamu Nakamura
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Composer(s): Sahashi Toshihiko
Publisher: Manga Entertainment
Release: July 25, 1997 - November 24, 1997

レイアース (Reiāsu, Rayearth) is an OVA series based on Magic Knight Rayearth.


The Earth lies darkened and deserted. Despite the best efforts of the film's heroine, Hikaru, the evil-filled castle of Cephiro has taken over the world and stands in the center of a lifeless Tokyo. Before the ice-witch Alcyone can take her revenge on Hikaru, she is rescued by Lantis, a young man who seals her into a magical maze where she is challenged to prove her powers while her friends are hunted down by Cephiro's warlocks.

Fleeing through the silent city, Umi and Fuu must seek out the sleeping Mashin; godlike creatures that will fuse with them to form giant warriors of awesome destructive power. But the Magic Knights are afraid, untrained and alone... will even the Mashin be enough to save them from the evil acts of Cephiro?