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Sakura Li
Sakura li (Clone)
Sakura Li as she appears in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
English Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: April 1
Other names: Princess Sakura


Sakura Clone

Relations: Touya Kinomoto (Older Brother)

Clow Reed ('Father', Ancestor, Deceased)

Fujitaka (Father, deceased)

Nadeshiko (Mother, deceased)

Syaoran Li (Husband)

"Syaoran" (Son)

"Sakura" (Original Form)

Residence: Clow Country
Current status: Deceased
Powers: Incredible, unidentified magic

Understanding the feelings of living and non-living things (like water)

First Appearance: TRC Manga: Chapter 1

TRC Anime: Episode 1

Last appearance: -
English voice actor: Monica Rial
Japanese voice actor: Yui Makino
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Sakura Li, also known as Princess Sakura and Clone Sakura, is a fictional character that appears in the series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle made by the mangaka group, CLAMP.


Her facial features consist of big, snake-green eyes and strawberry-blonde hair that hangs down to her shoulders; it also rather seems unkempt and stroked; all of these give contrast to her pinkish-tanned skin complexion. Sakura is slim-built and averagely has a normal build for someone of her own age.

It has been noted many times (particularly by Syaoran) that "her smile is warm and I could be happy forever about it."; ever since the princess was at a young age, everyone told her to smile with a smile that "is a rival to the sun". As she grows up, Sakura carries this on. She is a person with a bright and sunny character; always upbeat, but at times she can be clumsy and perhaps a bit of paranoia gets in her way when emotions get the best of her. While Sakura is always cheerful and optimistic, when the situation overwhelms her she has a tendency to be melancholic and to suddenly turn sober.

History Edit

Feather Journey:Edit

In order to cross dimensions, Sakura must pay Yuuko the thing most important to her and she pays Yuuko in an indirect way, but her price is pretty much the same as Syaoran's - her memories of him. When she awakes in the Hanshin Republic, the first person she sees is Syaoran, but she does not remember anything about him, asking, "Who are you?".

At times, such as in Outo Country, Sakura comes extremely close to remembering Syaoran but it is quickly erased once more from her memory. Syaoran, having previously known this would happen, will never tell her anything about their previous relationship. At most, all Sakura knows about Syaoran is what she has relearned from the adventures together with Mokona, Fay, and Kurogane, although she knows she knew him previously and he was very important to her. It is also clear that she is falling in love with him once more.

Sakura in xxxHolic Edit

Sakura first appears in the manga in an unconscious state, held by Syaoran. She next appears when Watanuki's dream connects him to the world her "soul" resides in. She does this several more times, each time holding a short conversation with Watanuki. In one such conversation, she explains that she changed the future in such a way that Syaoran would not be stabbed and so that everyone would still live, including herself. An important occurrence in another dream is the emphasis put on Sakura's, Clone Syaoran's, and Watanuki's birthdays – they are all on April 1st. Clone Syaoran's birthday was not an actual birthday, although it was just a birthday given to him by Sakura. Real Syaoran's birthday is also April 1st.

After the first of these meetings, Yuuko tells Watanuki that if Sakura's soul is separated from her body for too long, she will die.

She has also appeared in xxxHolic when Watanuki falls into the Dream World again, and a hand pops out from behind of Sakura. The hand belonged to the real Syaoran, then another hand pops out and the cherry blossoms fluttering around are blocking Watanuki's view so he doesn't know whose hand it was (it actually belonged to the clone Syaoran). He then eventually went back to his world.

Although it wasn't intentional, one of Sakura's feathers ended up in the body of Kohane Tsuyuri, giving the young girl the power to exorcise ghosts. It was subsiquently removed from her as the price for a wish to Yuuko (she wished for happiness). However, as Yuuko noted herself, the time that Kohane received Sakura's feather and the time that the feathers were scattered doesn't match up, meaning that the time-space continuum is beginning to collapse.