Sayaka Okiura
Sayaka as she appears in Kobato
Series: Kobato
English Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 30 (Approximately)
Birthday: 29 June
Other names: N/A
Relations: Kiyokazu Fujimoto (Adoptive Brother)

Kazuto Okiura (ex-Husband/Husband)

Residence: N/A
Current status: Active
Powers: None
First Appearance: Kobato Manga: Drop 1

Kobato Anime: Episode ?

Last appearance: Kobato Manga: Drop 25

Kobato Manga: Episode 24

English voice actor: Brittney Karbowski
Japanese voice actor: Fumiko Orikasa
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Sayaka Okiura is a fictional character created by CLAMP that appears in Kobato. She is the teacher and principal of Yomogi Nursery, a local kindergarten where Kobato works.


She is a kind and trusting person, willing to let Kobato assist her at the school even with Fujimoto's obvious mistrust of her.


She has known Kiyokazu since he was seven when her family adopted him. She also went to the same high school as Chitose. Upon meeting Sayaka, Kobato wishes to heal the apparent emotional pain in her heart. Sayaka is in debt due to an event in the past involving her father; in spite of this she continues to try her best at keeping the school going. Sayaka was once married to Okiura, the debt collector who frequently pesters her to close down the school. Despite having already divorced him, she has yet to change back her last name, which Chitose finds mysterious.

When Sayaka offers to let Kobato help out at the nursery, Fujimoto berates her for trusting someone she has no knowledge of or reason to trust.  Her response would seem to indicate that Fujimoto has been right about this in the past.  But when two men show up at the nursery and start threatening the children, then Sayaka, both she and Fujimoto are shocked when Kobato puts herself between Sayaka and one of the thugs as a human shield, despite obviously trembling in fear.

When she learns that the nursery is in debt, Kobato naively suggests holding a bazaar to raise money.  While Fujimoto is incredulous about the possiblity of raising much money, Sayaka decides to hold one, and encourages Kobato to make posters.  However, on the day of the bazaar, nobody seems to show up at first, until Chitose arrives with her daughters and explains that the posters in town had had the date changed.  Kobato decides to go out to do something,  and manages to create enough interest among locals that many soon come to the nursery for the bazaar.

Sayaka gently encourages the budding relationship between Fujimoto and Kobato, and remarks that as her "little brother" is moving forward at last, she should as well.  When Fujimoto relays Kazuto's message that he will come one last time to resolve their issues about the kindergarten, he also confesses, "I always loved you."  Sayaka hugs him, then remarks on his use of "loved", and challenges him to use the present tense when he tells "her".  Fujimoto gently agrees, having re-established his original bond with Sayaka.

The next day, Kazuto arrives and attempts to keep up the pretense that he is behind her problems, before Sayaka tells him that her father had investigated Kazuto carefully before he ever agreed to their marriage.  While Kazuto's father is a Yakuza mob boss, Sayaka's father learned that Kazuto had been acting honestly in business and trying to separate from the mob.  However, Kazuto's father refused to accept that, and after Kazuto and Sayaka got married, he arranged to trick Sayaka's father into the debt, finally driving the man to work so hard that his health gave out, and he died.  Then Kazuto's father was set to target Sayaka.  Kazuto had left Sayaka to protect her, and also pretended to be the one who had manipulated Sayaka's father in order to get his father to leave Sayaka alone.

Sayaka slapped Kazuto, challenging him to be honest and admit that he still loved her.  Stunned, Kazuto admits that he didn't want to upset her further, but Sayaka challenges him that they have this one chance to be together, and they have to take it.  But they are surprised when Kobato interrupts, asking that if Kazuto's father stopped interfering, would they be happy?  Sayaka agrees, and Kobato declares to heaven that she has "a wish".  At this point, Sayaka, Kazuto, and Fujimoto are all frozen, and their memories of Kobato are removed as Kobato's wish is created.

Sixteen years later, Kobato returns to the nursery to find that Sayaka and Kazuto are both running the nursery together, and Kazuto's father is no longer interfering in their lives.  Although Fujimoto recovers his memories of Kobato at this point, this is due to a specific wish made by Ginsei for Fujimoto and Kobato, so it seems unlikely that either Sayaka or Kazuto regain their memories of her.