Seishirou Sakurazuka
Series: Tokyo Babylon


Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

English Name: Seishirou Sakurazuka
Gender: Male
Age: 25 (Tokyo Babylon), 33 (X/1999)
Birthday: November 22nd (Fake: April 1st)
Other names: N/A
Relations: Setsuka Sakurazuka (Mother; Deceased)
Residence: Tokyo. Japan
Current status: Deceased
Powers: Onmyouji Abilities (TB and X)

Summoning of Oni (TRC)

Inter-dimensional Travel (TRC)

First Appearance: Tokyo Babylon Manga: Chapter 1

Tokyo Babylon Anime: Episode 1

X/1999 Manga: Chapter 16

X/1999 Anime: ?

Tsubasa Manga: Chapter ?

Tsubasa Anime: Episode ?

X/1999 Manga: Volume 16

X/1999 Anime: ?

Last appearance: Tokyo Babylon Manga: Volume 7

Tokyo Babylon OVA: Episode 2

Tsubasa Manga: ?

Tsubasa Anime: Episode 52

English voice actor: J. Michael Tatum (Tsubasa)

Dave Mallow (X TV Series)

Garrick Hagon (X feature film)

Dean Fenton (Tokyo Babylon)

Japanese voice actor: Takehito Koyasu (Tokyo Babylon)

Hiroki Touchi (Tsubasa)

Tohru Furusawa (X feature film)

Otoya Kawano (X TV Series)

Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Seishirou Sakurazuka is a fictional character created by CLAMP and appears in Tokyo Babylon, X, and Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. In Tokyo Babylon and X, he is a spiritual assassin that had marked Subaru Sumeragi as his 'prey' of sorts when the latter was nine. In Tsubasa, Seishirou is a treasure hunter given eternal life by a vampiric Subaru and the ability to travel between dimensions by Yuuko Ichihara.






Tokyo BabylonEdit

Seishiro first appears in the first chapter of Tokyo Babylon, as a 25 year old veterinarian who constantly declares his intention to marry Subaru Sumeragi. He frequently gives Subaru lifts to various jobs that Subaru has in his capacity as an onmyoji, a spirit-advisor who can perform exorcisms and do other spells, etc.

As the story goes on, Seishiro intervenes periodically in Subaru's cases, revealing that he has his own supernatural powers as an onmyoji, but generally using his powers to protect Subaru or attack others who harm Subaru. Despite this, Seishiro frequently refers to a wager that he made with Subaru, with menacing overtones connected to it. There are also suggestions that Seishiro may be either the heir to a family of assassins, or gangsters, which Subaru dismisses because Seishiro seems so kind.

Late in the Tokyo Babylon story, Subaru meets a young boy who has to regularly go to the hospital for dialysis due to kidney failure. After talking about the boy with Seishiro, the vet suggests that Subaru offer to be tested to see if he can donate one of his kidneys to the child. Seishiro points out that neither Hokuto, Subaru's twin sister, or Subaru's grandmother, may approve of this decision, but he tells Subaru to make the choice that would give him the most happiness.  

Subaru decides to offer his kidney, and the next day he goes to the hospital to tell the boy's mother. But when he arrives, he finds that the mother has suffered so much stress and anxiety that she has gone, at least temporarily, insane.  She picks up a knife and moves to attack Subaru, apparently to cut out the teenager's kidney there and then. Seishiro arrives suddenly and puts himself between the madwoman and Subaru, and she stabs the vet in his right eye. Despite this, the woman moves as if to attack Seishiro again, muttering that she doesn't need an eye, she needs a kidney. Hospital staff suddenly arrive and disarm the mother, and rush Seishiro to emergency surgery to try to save his eye.

It is this incident that causes Subaru to eventually come to the realization that he has fallen in love with Seishiro.  Seishiro had refused to press charges against the mother of the boy, given the stress and trauma that must have pushed her over the edge, but when Subaru goes to visit him, Seishiro uses his magic to take both of them to a place where he attacks Subaru.

Seishiro removes the fog he had placed over Subaru's memory nine years earlier-- when he had killed a young girl, only to be discovered by the nine-year-old Subaru.  Marking the back of Subaru's hands with inverted pentagrams, he vowed that if he met Subaru again, he would give the boy one year where he would live with him and do and say all the things that someone in love would do and say.  At the end of the year, if Subaru meant anything to him other than something else he could easily kill, Subaru would live.  But if not, Seishiro would kill him, fulfilling his role as the Sakurazukamori, an assassin of all assassins.

Before Seishiro completes his murder, Subaru's grandmother manages to break the spell, bringing Subaru back to the hospital room where staff find him bleeding and badly wounded.  Heartbroken, Subaru goes into a catatonic state, and both Hokuto and Subaru's grandmother fear that Seishiro will return to kill the boy  to complete his contract.

Hokuto leaves their home, pleading with her unresponsive brother to come back, before she disappears for one month.  Subaru then has a vision where he sees Hokuto, wearing his ceremonial robes, confronting Seishiro and offering to be killed by Seishiro herself.  Seishiro agrees, and quickly eliminates the vivacious young woman, which breaks Subaru out of his catatonia.  A moment later, their grandmother receives a phone call to say that Hokuto has been found, dead.

Seishiro is not seen after this, except in Subaru's self-accusing memories.


As the various Dragons of Earth and Heaven begin to gather in Tokyo, Seishiro reappears.  About eight years have past since the events of Toyko Babylon, and Seishiro allies himself eventually with the Dragons of Earth.  He repeatedly fights Subaru, who claims to want only to kill Seishiro. However when Subaru faces Fūma in battle, he allows the Dragon of Earth to blind him in his right eye—a lesser wish Subaru had held for some time.

Princess Hinoto informs Subaru, after this, that Seishiro is at the Rainbow Bridge, and the two arrive to have their final battle.  During this fight, Subaru admits that his true wish was to die by Seishiro's hand, a request that Seishiro claims to be willing to fulfill.  Yet when Seishiro moves to strike, Hokuto's last spell activates, and their actions are reversed, so that instead of Seishiro killing Subaru, Subaru's hand has plunged through Seishiro's heart.  After his death, Fuma offers Seishiro's remaining eye to Subaru, admitting that Seishiro wanted this, and was aware that by using the same attack he used to kil Hokuto, he would have it reversed on himself.  Subaru is crushed when he learns this, and he loses his ability to summon the protective barriers called kekkai.

Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleEdit

Seishiro appears when the travellers are in Edonis world.  Syaoran had met Seishiro years before, and realizing that Syaoran was blind in one eye, Seishiro taught him his style of kick-fighting which Syaoran still uses.  But on Edonis, Syaoran learns that Seishiro has one of Sakura's feathers, and he tries to fight Seishiro to get it back for Sakura, but fails.  Seishiro then leaves Edonis, using the feather's magic, in his pursuit of the vampire "twins", Subaru and Kamui.

Seishiro appears again in Kurogane's homeworld, where he is faced by the original Syaoran, who also fights Seishiro for the feather.  The original Syaoran is succcessful, but afterwords, Seishiro's brother, Fuma, says that this is what Seishiro wanted all along.  

The Tsubasa Seishiro also doesn't have a right eye.  He admits that he gave it to Yuuko in exchange for the ability to travel from world to world in his continuing search for Subaru and Kamui.  It is suggested that Subaru once gave Seishiro some of his vampire blood, but while Fay D Flourite must drink Kurogane's blood from time to time as a result of being given the vampire blood of Kamui, there is no reference of some necessity for Seishiro to drink someone's blood.