Spinel Sun
Spinel in his false form
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

Tsubasa: Reservoir

English Name: Spinner Sun
Gender: Male
Age: Secret
Birthday: Secret
Other names: Souppy

Suppie (by Kero and Nazu)

Relations: Eriol Hiiragizawa (caretaker/master)
Residence: Tomoeda, Japan (residence)

England (former residence)

Current status: Alive
Powers: Feline Mimicry

Winged flight Supersonic speed Projection of red energy bursts Control over light and the sun Enhanced bite Razor-sharp claws

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English voice actor: Colin Murdock (Cardcaptors)

Philece Sampler (2nd movie)

Japanese voice actor: Yumi Touma (false form)

Katsuyuki Konishi (true form)

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Spinel Sun (スピネル・サン, Supineru San) is is the cat-like magical guardian created by Eriol Hiiragizawa as a counter part to Clow Reed's original guardian Cerberus.


Spinel was given the nickname "Suppi" ("Spinny" in Cardcaptors) by his fellow guardian, Ruby Moon. He detests the nickname, despite it being a variation of his name, and broods whenever Ruby uses it.


In his borrowed form, he looks like a small, black cat with butterfly-like blue wings. Once transformed, though, he resembles a black panther with pointy ears, enlarged wings, and a blue gem in the middle of his forehead. The gem is also placed into the silver butterfly armor he wears on his chest. Being a cat, his pupils are slits.


Spinel is one of Eriol Hiiragizawa's guardians, designed to be the counterpart of Cerberus but they are completely different. While Cerberus tends to be active, energetic and spends the days playing video games, Spinel is calm and refined, spending much of his time reading while hating loud noises. Although they tend to argue a lot, their bond is that of friends.

Spinel's "weakness", given to him by an amused Eriol, is anything sugary or sweet-filled. Eating any amount of them will cause him to become "drunk," which in Spinel's case is a state of loud, frenzied gluttony while acting like a spoiled child, a state that is worse than that of the much older Cerberus, who regularly has sugar and is used to it.

In this state, Spinel can also become easily emotional and he has the ability to fire energy balls from his mouth which on one occasion forced Kero to temporarily abandon his usual fondness for sweets as he attempted to stop Spinel from causing havoc. Kero even had to change into his true form to deflect the damage from one of Spinel's energy balls.

Because of this vulnerability, Spinel expresses a distaste for sweets.


Originally appearing as a shadowy figure with Ruby and Eriol wherever Sakura Kinomoto had to use her magic, his borrowed form is first seen in the mansion when he tells Eriol not to make any hasty decisions. Later, he and Ruby watch as The Dash Card goes out of control. Ruby says watching humans amuse her, and Spinel comments that this is no laughing matter and a Clow Card could be at stake. Eriol informs Ruby that there is going to be a bake sale at the school, and asks her to go so she can keep a watch on Sakura. Ruby agrees but only if Spinel goes with. Spinel worries that Cerberus may sense his presence so Eriol casts a spell to hide his true form. Once there, he meets Cerberus who comically thinks he is a stuffed toy. As an act of friendship, Cerberus begins shoving numerous candy bars and treats down Spinel's throat. This causes him to go silly and berserk and eat all the sweets in sight. Cerberus attempts to stop him, but this angers Spinel and he hastily fires a red beam at Cerberus. With the help of Sakura, Cerberus gets everyone to sleep, and transforms into his true self to stop Spinel. This works, but Sakura doesn't believe Cerberus wasn't responsible. Eriol holds Spinel in his arms and reprimands him for eating so many sweets, although he remarks that Spinel and Kero got along well together.


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card ArcEdit

Powers & Abitlies Edit

Barriers/Shields: Like all the guardians, Spinel has demonstrated the ability to create barriers of energy to block attacks.

Energy Beams: Much like Cerberus' fire-based abilities, Spinel can shoot beams of red energy from his mouth.

Solar & Light Empowerment: His magic grows much stronger when he draws strength from the sun and light.

Control over Solar Energy: He can freely harness the sun's energy and convert it into strong bursts of sunlight that are capable melting and burning things.

Transformation Dependency: Unlike Cerberus and Yue, he and Ruby Moon are not able to transform between their fake and real forms themselves, they need Eriol to do so. However, in the animated homage to CLAMP known as Clamp in Wonderland 2, he was able to change himself, but this is not canon.

Tsubasa: Reservoir ChroniclesEdit

Spinel appears briefly along with Cerberus as cats in the Outo Country. Syaoran meets them while training blindfolded and he confuses them for Fai and Sakura. Later, the latter pair meets the cats, too. Fai comments on how weird their ears are, as they happily walk around Sakura.