Sweet Valerian

Sweet Valerian (スウィート・ヴァレリアン, Suīto Varerian) is a CLAMP original 4-panel manga series. A TV anime series adaptation of 26 five-minute episodes manga were produced by Madhouse Production and CLAMP responsible for the character concepts.

The anime aired on MBS from August 1 to December 19, 2004, with 8 unaired episodes left unbroadcasted but included on DVD.


The story focuses on Asialand, a regular city which is constantly under attack from evil monsters. Three girls; Kanoko, Kate, and Pop, are on their way to take their moped license test, but accidentally catch the attention of the living enigma, Ear Hermit. Instead of receiving moped licenses, they acquire a "Valerian License" which, to their shock and horror, transforms them into bunny-like creatures, the Relaxation Combat Team Valerian. In these forms, they are known as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Valerian while aided by a unique panda-esque companion, Panda-bu and nifty card-swiping/magic-transformation gadgets. Together as Sweet Valerian, they defend justice when the evil Stress Team takes advantage of people's stress and turns them into monsters.



# Title Airdate
1 Prologue (ぷろろ〜ぐ) August 1, 2004



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