The Big Card has the ability to make objects and creatures bigger in size. She is under The Light's jurisdiction and by extension, Kero's. The Big is portrayed as a generally-harmless card who likes to make objects and creatures around it bigger.

Appearance Edit

Its physical form is that of a tall, slender, blue woman dressed like a medieval princess with a divided hennin. The Big is almost an exact copy of its sister card, The Little, except for its color and height.

Powers Edit

The Big card has the power to grow any person, creature or object in size with its wand.

History Edit

The Big first appeared in Episode 31 where it was captured with The Create, who was sealed later in the same episode. Sakura first invokes the power of The Big to maker herself larger in order to subdue a colossal dragon Naoko Yanagisawa inadvertently brought to life with The Create while its powers were unsealed.

It appears again in Episode 55, when it was transformed, where Sakura used it to restore herself to her normal size after being shrunk.