The Dark Card is the sister card to The Light Card. The Dark's main abilities are being able to warp space and neutralize non-magical beings for a certain amount of time. It is also able to bring about the night. This is one of the last cards to be sealed, along with The Light. The Dark has special sealing conditions; Sakura had to realize which card it was and then she must find a way to break through its darkness.

The Dark appears in Episode 42, where its darkness interupts Sakura and Syaoran's class play, just as they were about to kiss. The darkness engulfed everyone except for Sakura and Kero, incapacitating everyone else in the area. Sakura was able to beat The Dark with The Light, which had been in Sakura's heart ever since she opened the Book of Clow. This was all apparently a test and both cards wished to be sealed together, since The Dark and The Light were always together, and thus, always sealed together.

The Dark was transformed into a Sakura Card along with The Light (with Syaoran's, Yue's, and Kero's help) during Episode 69 in the anime and volume 11 in the manga to save Tomoeda from Eriol's spell.