The Erase Card has the ability to make almost anything or anyone disappear and can also erase memories. It can also erase magically-summoned items, such as the sheep in Episode 52 that Eriol summoned for one of Sakua's trials. When something is erased by The Erase, it can be returned if captured, but if something is gone for too long, it is gone forever. The main body of Erase is the same as on the card: a female jester in a yellow and white checkered outfit, white hair, clow makeup, and a light-blue cloth. The Erase is under The Dark.

Sakura's first encounter with The Erase is during a school fieldtrip in Episode 17. One night, a "Test of Courage" was held and the students were paired off in pairs or triplets and they had to navagate through a cave with only a candle for light. When the student's entered, they never came back out since Erase had 'erased' them when they reached the end of the cave. Soon, Sakura and Syaoran are the only students left. Sakura then temporarily overcomes her fear of ghosts and makes it to the end of the cave, where Erase was waiting. After its capture, all the students reappeared, but with no memory of what had happened. Tomoyo was informed, though, of what had really happened through Sakura.

The Erase was transformed into a Sakura Card Episode 52 during one of Eriol's trials. Sakura had used it to erase the plush sheep Eriol summoned and sent down the hole she was in, trying to squish her.