The Flower Card has the ability to create any type of flower or blossom. The Card does not have any offensive capabilities, but it can be used to create specific flowers, bouquets, and a shield of flowers. Clow Reed was even shown using this card to make a cherry tree bloom in Episode 68. It is a gentle, lively Card that becomes very enthusiastic very easily. Cerberus has stated that The Flower loves to play and party as well. Its true form is the one depicted in the card: a young woman with white hair styled in corkscrew pigtails in a pink dress with red or pink flowers on her wrists and as earrings. It is under The Earthy.

The Flower first appears in Episode 10 (Volume 2 of the manga) when it caused flowers to fall from the sky during Sakura's athletic festival. The flowers it creates hinder the festival. Soon, the flowers overfill the field and people get pulled in. Sakura uses The Fly to access the rooftop and finds The Flower's true form dancing gaily. Cerberus deduced that Flower was creating all this mischief because she loves to party, yet was not invited to the festival. When Sakura confronted it, it just let her capture it, seeing that it was harming people. In the manga, Sakura then used The Flower to create Nadeshiko blossoms for Sonomi Daidouji and Fujitaka Kinomoto, as it was her mother's namesake.

The Flower was transformed into a Sakura Card in Episode 54 when Sakura created a bouquet for her great-grandfather.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Flower also appears in the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga in Suzuran's troupé.


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