The Hope Card's abilities are unknown, however, it may be speculated that its ability may relate to hope itself. The main body of The Hope is similar to The Nothing, but is smiling and holding the winged heart from The Nameless Card, exactly like the picture depicted on its card. In the English dub, The Nameless Card was called "The Hope", and it caused problems with this card's naming at the end of the movie. The Hope is under none of the major elemental cards.

The Hope appeared at the end of the second movie, Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: Sakura and the Sealed Card. When Sakura demanded The Nothing be turned into a Sakura Card, it chose to take Syaoran's most precious feelings in exchange. Syaoran didn't object, reassuring Sakura by saying that even if he had to give up his love for her to save everything and everyone, he would just fall in love with her all over again. When Nothing attempted to take Syaoran's feelings The Nameless Card intervened, as it was a representation of Sakura's and Syaoran's love, and negated The Nothing's attack. The result was a merge between the two cards, creating The Hope, which was a Sakura Card. It is one of the two cards that were never Clow Cards, the second being The Nameless Card.


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