The Jump Card has the ability to grant its user the ability to jump great heights and to land safely from heights that would otherwise harm or kill a person. It also has many additional powers, such as possessing an inanimate object and merging smaller objects together to form a larger version of itself, though Sakura has never been seen using these other abilities. Jump is one of Sakura's most used Clow Cards along with The Fly as it allows her evasion abilities when facing other Cards. According to Cerberus, Jump is not very bright. The main body of Jump is a pink, bunny-like creature, almost exactly like what is depicted on its card, only sans the wings and has slanted eyes. When summoned, The Jump appears as a pair of wings, one wing on each side of Sakura's ankles. The Jump is under The Windy.

The Jump first appeared in Episode 5, where it had possessed a giant stuffed panda from Twin Bells, a newly opened doll shop. Jump caused the panda to 'jump' back to the store every time it was bought. Sakura first tries to capture it with The Wood by making a cage, but it quickly escaped. In the end, after a long chase, The Jump was captured after it had exhausted itself. In volume one of the manga, it is the first shown Clow Card and is used to demonstrate the 'spirit's inside of the cards. It was captured with a chain made by The Windy, in the manga.

The Jump appears again during Yue's Final Judgement. Yue had taken temporary control of the card, since it was under The Windy and thus under his jurisdiction as well, to summon Sakura towards him while she was under his 'moonlight hypnosis' spell.

The Jump was transformed in Episode 51. Eriol Hiiragizawa enchanted a stuffed bear to grow into grand proportions. Sakura found that the source of the bears magic was its ear and by cutting it off the bear would return to normal size. Since she had to use The Sword to cut the ear, her first choice was to use Jump to leap up and slice the ear off. But Jump fell short and she wasn't able to reach her goal no matter how many times he tried. This ultimately lead to the transformation of The Fly.

In the second move, Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: Sakura and The Sealed Card, The Jump was used multiple time, such as when Sakura jumped to attack a giant fire monster made by The Create. It was later used in the final battle against The Nothing and was one of the five cards Sakura had left in her possession. It was used to dodge Nothing's attacks, but was soon taken by it just like the other cards.