The Silent Card has the ability to make any noisy room utterly silent and "move" any source of loud noise a short distance away from it. Kero has admited that he didn't know The Silent's ability either because he simply forgot or it did not tell him (according to Kero in the English dubbed episode of the anime, The Silent doesn't speak, so he couldn't understand it). The true form of The Silent is that of an elfish, adult woman in a elegant costume that has a high collar, hiding its mouth, and a bat brooch, all in a dark blue color palette. The Silent has long, blue hair in a pony tail and has long bangs swept to the right side of its face. It is under The Dark.

The Silent first appears in Episode 7. It inhabited a painting in an art museum where it was covering the real subject of the painting and made the area in front of it completely silent. The night Sakura, Kero, and Tomoyo attempt to sneak into the museum so Sakura can seal Silent without being seen. With the help of Yuuki Tachibana, who is also trying to sneak in, they are able to get in, but when they made a noise, Silent expelled them back into the courtyard outside. The quartet repeats the process over and over again, but keep on geting sent outside when they make a single noise. Finally, Sakura used The Shadow to extend her shadow and the shadow of her sealing wand, using it as a proxy to seal the card.

The Silent was transformed into a Sakura Card in Episode 69. It was transformed along with the other few remaining Clow Cards.


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