The Song has the ability to copy any song and/or voice it hears, but unlike The Voice, it cannot steal a person's voice. The card loves singing, and is drawn to beautiful voices, but it is very shy and easily scared away by loud sounds and sudden movements. It will only appear again when it feels that it is safe. The Song looks like a yound woman is a pale blue dress that has a cello pattern on the front, four 'strings' and two 'F-holes', and a blueish-purple head piece that has a treble clef motif over the ears. It is under The Windy.

The Song first appears in Episode 23. There was a rumour going around Sakura's school that the music room was haunted. Investigating after everyone left, Sakura found that the voice was coming from The Song, and was singing after everyone had left. Just when Sakura was close enough to capture it, Meiling carelessly made a loud noise, scaring Song away. During their pursuit of the frightened Clow Card, Sakura recognized the song the card was singing was a song Tomoyo had been practicing and was using her voice. Now knowning this, Tomoyo started to sing as well and drew Song out from hiding, and the two sang a duet. When it came out, Sakura immediatly captured it.

The Song acted on its own accord in Episode 46. When Yue placed Sakura in his illusionary world where everyone forgot their feelings to the person most important to them, The Song sang to her, summoning the images of everyone Sakura cared about and subsequently freed her from Yue's spell.

The Song is transformed into a Sakura Card in Episode 49. Eriol had enchanted a piano was drawn to and attacked Tomoyo when she sang. Realizing the piano reacted to Tomoyo's singing, Sakura transformed The Song to copy Tomoyo's song and lure the piano off of the school's roof, making it smash into smitherins when it hit the ground.


  • The true form of The Song appears in Tsubasa; RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE when the protagonists were in Shara Country and was part of Suzuran's Troupé.
  • The capture of Song was the plot of one of the Drama CDs for Cardcaptor Sakura.
    • It had an alternate form in the manga that accompanied the aforementioned drama CD: a treble clef in front of a backdrop of flowy, musical staffs.


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