The Sweet Card has the ability to turn anything inanimate into sweets and make food taste sweet. It dislikes having salt thrown at it because it hates sour things. The true form of The Sweet is a small, fairy-like being with pink, afro-styled hair with two pigtails and a yellow dress, sometimes carrying a wand with a pink ball at the tip. It is under The Light.

The Sweet first appeared in Episode 29. It was turning the cakes Sakura's class were making too sweet, forcing them to bake the cakes a second time. The second time, Syaoran and Cerberus sensed a Clow Card and deduced it was The Sweet. The pair seal the room and the chase of Sweet begins. When Sakura realizes the card hated anything sour, she started throwing salt at it and thus lead to a successful capture.

The Sweet was transformed into a Sakura Card in Episode 53. It was transformed in Sakura's flurry of transformations of Clow Cards into Sakura Cards to keep them from losing their magic.



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