Yukito Tsukishiro
Yukito Tsukishiro
Yukito Tsukishiro as he appears in Cardcaptor Sakura
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

English Name: Julian Star
Gender: Male
Age: 16-17 (beginning of the manga)
18 <end of the manga>
18-19 (Clear Card)
Birthday: December 25
Other names: Yuki
Relations: Unnamed parents (unseen)

Yue (Shares a body) Grandparents (unseen)

Residence: Tomoeda, Japan
Current status: -
Powers: Transform into Yue

"Moon Magic" (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle only)

Inter-dimensional magic (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle only)

First Appearance: CardCaptor Sakura (Manga): Chapter 1

CardCaptor Sakura (Anime): Episode 1

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Manga): Chapter 1 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Anime): Episode 1

Last appearance: CCS Volume 12

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: (Unknown)

English voice actor: Sam Vincent

Robert McCollum (Tsubasa)

Steve Stanley (2nd Movie)

Japanese voice actor: Megumi Ogata

Kouki Miyata (Tsubasa)

Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Yukito Tsukishiro is a fictional character from the series Cardcaptor Sakura that was created by the mangaka group, CLAMP. Yukito is Touya Kinomoto's best friend and love interest.

He also appears in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle as the palace's High Priest and King Touya's trusted friend. It was Yukito who sent Syaoran and Sakura to the Time Space Witch Yuuko.

In Cardcaptor Sakura, he is the temporary form of Yue, the other Clow Cards' Guardian, and transforms into Yue when all the cards are captured. He doesn't know he is Yue until Toya gives Yukito his powers.


Yukito has brown eyes and grayish-brown hair, parted on the side. He has large glasses, giving him a scholarly appearance. While he is usually seen in his school uniform, he can also be seen wearing casual clothes, namely jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.


Yukito es el mejor amigo y el mejor interés amoroso de Toya Kinomoto y también el objeto de afecto de Sakura Kinomoto. Syaoran Li se enamora de él por un tiempo, lo que se basa en su subconsciente atracción por la magia lunar de Yue. La sonrisa casi omnipresente de Yukito es evidencia de su naturaleza amable y gentil. Yukito también ama la comida y tiene un apetito enorme. Sin embargo, no se debe comer. Esto significa que está comiendo por dos. Cerca de la final de la serie, se muestra que Yue está perdiendo su poder y existe una gran posibilidad de que desaparezca, por lo que Yukito tiene que comer cinco veces más de lo habitual. Yukito dijo: "Yo como y como y nunca estoy lleno ...

Cardcaptor SakuraEdit

Clow Card ArcEdit

In Clow Card arc, Yukito appeared as Toya's friend and would accompany him and Sakura to school. When Sakura began her quest to capture the Clow Cards, she ran into him several times in areas the cards were hiding in, or before she was heading out to find the cards. Strangely, he didn't seem bothered by Sakura's odd behaviour and would just shrug it off, promising to keep whatever she was up to a secret. Even when faced with some of the odd occurrences around town, he seemed unbothered by it, most likely due to the subconscious influences from Yue. Some of the Clow Cards also seemed aware of his true nature and would avoid attacking him when he was around. As the series progressed and the Final Judgment came closer, Yue's energy would occasionally flare and bleed through to Yukito during the full moon. While Yukito himself was unaffected by this, it produced odd effects on those around him. Sakura passed out during the full moon when the pair were on a scavenger hunt. Fellow guardian Cerberus would occasionally sense Yue's presence, but due to the fact that Miss Mizuki possessed Moon-style magic, he mistook her for the false form of Yue. Miss Mizuki, however, was fully aware that there was something different about Yukito and would give subtle hints to him, though he didn't catch on to her behavior.

Sakura Card ArcEdit

In Sakura Card arc, as a home economics project, Sakura made a teddy bear. It was decided that she would give it to Yukito, but not before Eriol Hiiragizawa helped finish it. When Sakura handed him the bear, it glowed with a red light, then Yukito fainted, and the bear grew to an exponential size. Sakura was forced to transform a new card in order to stop it. Yukito stops by Sakura's house to drop off a school book for Toya, and as he is standing in the doorway, he transforms into Yue. Yue tells Cerberus that his magic is running out and that Sakura can no longer sustain him. He then mentions there may be another source, but doesn't tell Cerberus what that is. Sakura comes back and Yue instantaneously transforms back into Yukito. Naturally, he was a bit confused. Later, Eriol notes that Yukito is having an even harder time than Sakura is nowadays. Yukito thinks to himself about the blackouts he has been having and how worn out he has been feeling lately, and that's when Toya approaches him. Just as Toya was about to tell him something important, Ruby Moon falls out of a tree and interrupts. Annoyed, Toya leaves, and Ruby tells Yukito that with him as oblivious as he is, her job should be much easier. When Sakura was trapped in her Alice in Wonderland book, several of her friends played the characters. Yukito was the white rabbit, running down a path because he was late for a meeting with the queen. Suddenly, he changes into Yue and flies Sakura up in the air. Once high enough, he drops her. In order to escape, Sakura needed to transform two new cards.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card ArcEdit