Yumegari Cover
Kanji: 夢狩り
Romanji: Yumegari
English Title: Dream Hunter
Genre(s): Fantasy, Action, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Publishing Info
Author: Nanase Ohkawa
Illustrator(s): Mokona Apapa
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic: Shojo
Magazine: Monthly Asuka (Volume 6)
Publication Date: April 20, 1996
# of Volumes: 0

夢狩り (Yumegari, Dream Hunter) is a light novel written by Nanase Ohkawa and illustrated by Mokona Apapa. It was published in the Gekkan Asuka magazine in the year 1996; the same magazine X was published in.

Yumegari remains unfinished at this point in time. The published chapters were re-printed in the Zine-ROM, "CLAMP SCHOOL WEB CAMPUS" VOL.1.


Tatsumi Houjyou is a 17 year old yumegari (dreamcatcher) of the Houjyou clan from the Shinshuu province. They are special in that some of it's members are born a yumegari. Their job is to investigate the dreams of others and sometimes participate in them. A yumegari is bound by fate to a yumemori (dreamwatcher). The yumemori assists the yumegari by watching the dreams, and is to prevent them from falling into an eternal sleep.

When Tatsumi's mother and father, the preceding yumegari and yumemori, died during one of the jobs, Tatsumi became the inheritor of the profession. She to is at risk of being caught in the dreams, and is helped by her destiny-bound yumemori, Kyosuke Kaga; a 28 year old novelist with whom she'll have to share a new life with in Tokyo.


Tatsumi Houjyou
Yumegari Tatsumi Houjyou

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
A very quiet and reserved girl. She is noted to be very beautiful, but due to her mysterious air, she makes people very uncomfortable. Though she holds a very important job as a yumegari, she is also accident-prone as well as narcoleptic. She does not speak much, nor does she emote well.
Cameos & Appearances: xxxHolic

Kyosuke Kaga
Yumegari Kyosuke Kaga

Age: 28
Gender: Male
Voice: N/A (JP), N/A (EN)
Said to look young for his age because he only wears T-shirts and jeans. Kyosuke is Tatsumis destiny-bound yumemori. He is budding porno-novelist who grew up in Tokyo. He takes care of Tatsumi by cooking and cleaning the 3 bedroom apartment they live in together. His is in tune to Tatsumi's needs and looks out for her in even the smallest of ways. He often tries to help her decipher her own dreams by writing them down in his laptop.
Cameos & Appearances: xxxHolic


While the characters in Yumegari don't crossover as people to interact with, they appear as a movie scene in the xxxHolic manga.


  • Kyosuke references Sazae-san when explaining to Tatsumi how even "ordinary fishbowls" can have various distinguishing features.