Yuuko Ichihara is a fictional character from the series xxxHolic, created by the mangaka team CLAMP. Yuuko is an enigmatic sorcereress who is known as many things in the CLAMP multiverse, such as also known as the Dimensional Witch or the Space-Time Witch in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - which reflects her ability to travel in space and time. She claims that her name, "Yuuko Ichihara", is just another of her many aliases, leaving her real name unknown.

Yuuko runs a small shop in Japan; she can grant people their wishes if they can pay the equivalent price. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Yuuko reveals that the shop was created for the purpose of keeping a single wish going, and that the shop was used to pay for Sakura Kinomoto's wish. When Syaoran Li (TRC) and Sakura made the decision to be reborn, Clow Reed gave his power and his life to pay Syaoran's price while Yuuko paid for Sakura's. As they are reborn in the past, Yūko is revealed to have died.


Yūko a very beautiful and very attractive woman. She is tall, thin, has a skin very pale and long black hair up to the back of her knees. Her hair is cut in many layers having front bangs up to her eyebrows, then another layer, reaching up to her jaw, and a layer at her hips and a final one at her knees. Her eye color is usually red though sometimes it changes to purple or even a turquoise blue so it is suggested that she changes eye color randomly and so, her real eye color is not known. She always wears a kimono at her home (though she would prefer to wear a more revealing outfit when she goes out in public) but she never wears the same thing twice. She usually wears different outfits. When Yuko wears a kimono, she usually has accessories to accompany it. For example, if her kimono has a rose pattern with lace, she will wear a rose in her hair and a lace choker and bracelet. Also, when she has the time, Yuuko will style her hair is a neat yet creative fashion and will always decorate her hair with some sort of accessory such as colored pins or chopsticks. Like her clothes, Yuko has never been seen with the same hair style other than letting her hair loose. On some occasions, the length of her hair is shorter than it looks. An example can be observed during the episode where the Twins are introduced, her hair is tied up in a small bun almost impossible to hold all her hair.

Name EtymologyEdit

Yuuko's name has various meanings to it. Firstly, 'Ichihara' is divided into two meanings. Her "Ichi" generally has no relation to her as it means, one. It could however mean that she is the main character of the story or she was the first to be introduced. Next, "hara" means wilderness, field, moor, or the plains. This could possibly mean that she is very knowledgeable and that her level of knowledge is vast just like the wilderness. Moving on to her second name, Yuko. Her "Yuu" means the urge to eat. Generally fitting as she is always demanding for food from Kimihiro Watanuki and never stops drinking alcoholic drinks. Lastly, "ko" has no relation again as it means "child", though it could have some connection to her, due to her sometimes-childish demeanor towards Watanuki. "Ko" is also commonly used as a suffix for female or feminine names. "Yuuko" can also be spelled as "Yūko.


The eccentricity of this character confuses readers because, her guidance of Watanuki grants him a state of spiritual and paranormal awareness of great importance. Therefore, some of her resolutions are meaningless at first, but eventually the plot reveals the origin of her wise decision. Many times she seeks to act as a spectator, but in most cases, her intervention yields results that govern the speed and dynamics of the plot. Her histrionics confuses Watanuki, but end up involving him in serious situations, in which Watanuki, is driven by it as part of it. She's fun and respectful of all beings, being these kind or not. According to the manga, good and bad are concepts that humans decide, and these do not apply to non-human. This kind of thinking occurs when, for example, she decides not to intervene to prevent someone from their mistakes or endangerment since "everything is a matter of fate" (hitsuzen, 必然, ひつぜん). Though she acts sarcastic, bossy and annoying towards Watanuki, it's quite evident that she cares for him, as it was seen when she died; "my wish... is for you to continue existing". Sometimes she uses her lecherous side to disturb Watanuki (to her great amusement). She also loves alcohol, which traduces in sending Watanuki to the pharmacy everytime she's got a hangover.

Towards close friends, Yuko shows a very different side of herself than when she is with a customer. With close friends like Oba-chan or Watanuki, she is kinder and more open to them. She shares more opinions and thoughts with them. Though she is close with her friends, she still keeps serious feelings to herself, not wanting to burden others with her serious problems. We, as readers see these unmentioned or hidden thoughts through monologues by Yuko when she is alone. Many of these hidden worries are not revealed to their characters (such as Watanuki) even after she dies as she never reveals it to them. Also, even though Yuko is sometimes open about her feelings towards others (telling Watanuki that she is happy that he is at the shop), readers can see that most of the time, her feelings go unsaid. The reason to why Yuko hides her feelings from others is unknown but it is thought to be because she doesn't want to get hurt or too attached, mostly because she knows that one day she will vanish.

As the plot advances, we can see that she sometimes acts immature to keep Watanuki from realizing the gravity of the situation around him. Yūko received many nicknames because she never revealed her real name due to a kind of spiritual self, because, as she herself says, who knows the name of another person can control it.


She's a sorceress of great power and spiritual energy but she is commonly known as The Witch of Dimensions, this is due to the journey in search of Sakura's feathers she sent on the characters of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle on. Besides the ability to travel in time, she is powerful enough to handle anything from dangerous objects to protective seals, create powerful barriers to protect (and even instruct Watanuki create them, as she did on the night of the Hundred stories ghost/horror (Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai) and then sending Mokona to his side to play with words to block spirits in a full moon night, and she can also talk on good terms with any character of the nonhuman realm, including ghosts, gods and spirits among others, which often saves Watanuki from death. When doing magic, Yuko often summons her magic circle. Among her other abilities beside granting wishes, transversing dimensions, she can also create gods for other worlds (which was a wish made by Ashura of Tsubasa), manipulate time (demonstrated when she had Mokona transport the Tsubasa group from Shara to its ancient past of Shura), and speak through Maru and Moro as well through other people's minds. In the anime, when she sends a letter to Watanuki, her responses to him are in "real-time", depending on Watanuki's reaction. In the xxxHolic movie, she gives a glimpse of how powerful she can be when she faces the collector, even though she does not use any offensive attacks. She effortlessly dodges most of his attacks and is seemingly unscathed from a direct hit.

All of Yūko's customers must pay such prices in order to grant their wishes, which can be no more or no less than the one demanded, or else harm will come to one's way. She is not one to tell the customer the most direct way to solve their problems because in the end, it can only be solved with that person's own realization and resolution to change themselves. Often if the person lacks the sincere determination to change themselves, an ironic disaster -that even Watanuki, who wishes to stop them from hurting themselves, cannot stop- will inevitably befall them. In Volume 8 when the Tengu-Karasu seek her help to save the Zashiki-warashi, their payment; the Tengu Fan was more than the required price. To balance it out, Yūko sent out Watanuki to assist them.

Her abilities are not unlimited and may almost seem like a curse, as it appears that she is unable to do anything for anyone or grant any gift (other than feelings) without it becoming a binding transaction. She has knowledge of all types of magic objects that exist, many of which are in her store.





Yūko is the owner of a mysterious shop in Tokyo. She is a dealer in wishes as she will grant the sincere wish of anyone who is willing to make an appropriate sacrifice in return; the price is always equivalent to the weight of the wish, no more, no less. In the case of Watanuki Kimihiro, who sought to be rid of the evil spirits that plague him, the price was a long period of frequently demeaning servitude. As a result, she now has Watanuki as a sort of "personal assistant" to clean, cook, and perform other tasks she considers beneath her.

In the shop live two child-like beings created with Yuko's magic known as Maru and Moro, whose full names, Marudashi and Morodashi, translated roughly, mean streaking and flashing, a play on the "xxx" in the title. According to Yūko they cannot leave the shop or touch the Mokonas because they have no souls. The two have the function of grounding the shop to its unique location between dimensions. In later chapters, Moro and Maru are seen sleeping and Yūko comments that they are focusing on keeping the house in place. Apart from this function, the two greet visitors, assist Yūko, and annoy Watanuki.

Yuko also goes to a fortune teller every so often. When Watanuki asked her why she needed to see a fortune teller if she had the ability to predict the future, Yuko explains that one cannot predict their own future or else there will be chaos. Though she does not explain this matter any further, readers suspect that that by this, she means that if we tell our own future, we may not want to accept what we see and so we will try to twist our predictions. So forth, Yuko goes to an older fortune teller, whom she calls Oba-chan. The two are old friends and often talk.

Before she vanished, Yuko met Haruka Doumeki in a dream and asked him if he would take care of Watanuki when she was gone. Of course, her wish is only revealed in a discussion between Haruka and Watanuki after her apparent death. Yuko remains calm and secretive around the time she is about to die. She knows that she must die (or 'vanish') and that her time is aproaching but does not want to worry anyone else with her problem. It is unknown if Oba-chan or Black Mokona know about her soon-death since Oba-chan can see Yuko's future and because Mokona is one of her closest friends and knows about a lot of her secrets. However, if any one of the two did know about what was going to happen to Yuko, none of them tried to help her.

In her final day at the shop, Yuko meets Watanuki in a dream, having a picnic out side in the shop's yard. They talk casually about customers and work (since Watanuki was also entrusted with his own customer at the time) but suddenly, they change the topic to the shop itself. Yuko asks Watanuki if he is happy to be at the shop and Watanuki tells her that he is very happy (he even told Doumeki's grandfather in previous chapters that the shop was "his place"). Yuko tells him that the shop was especially created for a time that is coming soon, but if it also serves as a reason for Watanuki to be happy and for him to stay, then she is also happy. As the two continue to converse Yuko's body starts to turn into butterflies and fly away. There are so many butterflies and so even though Watanuki tries to reach her and save her, he cannot. All he can do is call out her name. Yuko says her final words in the dream: "The dream will soon end." Yuko also commented earlier, in the manga, that these were the same last words that Clow Reed spoke to her before he died.

When Watanuki wakes up the next day, he goes to wake Yuko up but she is not in her room. Watanuki is not too worried, thinking that she is running errands, but a few chapters later, Watanuki comments to Doumeki that he has not seen her in two weeks.

Later on, when Doumeki is in the shop with Watanuki at night and they are both sitting at the front porch, Watanuki says that he will go get something to drink. While he is about to enter the shop, he sees Tsubasa Li, Syaoran Li, Sakura Li, and Princess Tsubasa in the front lawn. Princess Tsubasa tells Watanuki to not be afraid and Watanuki starts running towards them as they dissapear. Watanuki, however, stumbles and suddenly, Doumeki is beside him, trying to pull him to his feet. Watanuki however, remains on his knees with his head down and says "Why... Why does this hurt so much?" He also has a hand on his heart and so it is implied that it is not physical pain he feels but rather an emotional pain. Suddenly, Watanuki stands up and runs inside the shop screaming for Yuko but of course, she is not there.

When Watanuki is on his knees, asking why the feeling hurt so much, in another world, at the same minute, Yuko dies. This shows that the connection between Watanuki and Yuko is so great that when Yuko "disappeared", even when she wasn't in the same world, Watanuki felt great pain.

Watanuki is at the house of a customer that he was entrusted with by Yuko and the two are talking about continuing the cooking classes (the woman's wish was to learn how to cook) when Watanuki mentions Yuko. The woman asks him who Yuko was and when Watanuki explains that she is the shop owner and that she met her before, the woman said that the only person she ever met in the shop was Watanuki. Watanuki leaves with Doumeki and the two talk about why the woman won't remember Yuko when they see Kaoruko and Sakurako. They stop to talk with them and once again, Watanuki mentions Yuko and just like his customer, they do not remember her. Watanuki then runs off to the shop, hoping to find Yuko there and wishing that nothing bad happened to her. When he crosses the barrier between the shop and the outside world, he faints.

Watanuki appears in a dark space where nothing but vast darkness to be seen. Watanuki then thinks that it is a dream and that what just happened had to be a dream too. Watanuki walks around in the darkness talking about how he should have dreamed something less frightening when suddenly, a voice tells him that this is not a dream. When Watanuki turns, it is Yuko in her butterfly Kimono. Her arms and legs are covered with shadows from the dream world. Watanuki runs to Yuko but when he reaches three feet of her, he stops and his feet will not go forwards. Watanuki yells in frustration and asks Yuko why he cannot move to which the Time and Space witch replies by saying that it is not the "time" in which he moves in. Yuko then explains that someone (Clow Reed), a long time ago, wished that she would exist and because their emotions and wish was so strong, she could not die. She then tells Watanuki that she lived a long time ago and that she should have also died a long time ago, many years before Watanuki was even born. She finally tells Watanuki that because someone made a choice, her halted time continues to move again towards death. The Shadows rapidly covers almost all over her body now, as Watanuki tells Yuko that he doesn't care about anything that she just said and that the only thing that matters to him is that she is dying. He then asks her about the choice (the one to continue her stopped time) she was talking about. He asks her how a choice in which he had no say/input, could deside the fate about the person he cares about. It is also while he is saying this that Watanuki starts crying. Watanuki then proceeds by listing all the things that Yuko had done for him in the past years that he has been working for her. When he finishes, Yuko thanks him and tells him that once she dies, his wish will be granted and spirits will no longer be attracted to him neither will he be able to see spirits. Watanuki dismisses this quickly and continues to name reasons why Yuko should not die as if she had the power to stop her death. He tells her that she cannot go because he still has to make her favorite foods and that there are still customers that they have to attend to but in the middle of his list he sees that the shadowsare already taking over her face, curling around her hair and cheeks and Watanuki cannot go on because he starts sobbing. He then starts pleading for her to tell him that this is all a dream. Yuko tells him thatn is is not and that she will not lie to him and Watanuki finally says that he promised that he would grant her wish, whatever it was, and that if she dies, he will never be able to grant it. Yuko finally tells him that her only wish is for him to live. These are in fact Yuko's last words to Watanuki. At this point, the vines have taken over all of her face except for her eyes and Watanuki finally says that he will grant her wish by stopping his own time and staying in the shop. He then says that his new wish is to see her again and that he will stay in the shop, waiting for her return. Yuko then dissolves into dust and the dust turns into coloured lights, closely resembling the northern lights.

It is unknown what happens to Yuko herself after she dies since the series never discusses the matter of death or of heaven, hell, and the general afterlife. Watanuki wakes up in the shop, he is alone in a room and then Doumeki comes in and tells him that he found Watanuki in the treasure room; he had fainted. Watanuki asks him if anyone was there with him but his friend tells him that he was alone in the room. Watanuki remembers that nobody remembered Yuko and so he asks Doumeki if he does. Doumeki agrees and says that he remembers Yuko and so Watanuki starts to think that everything else was a dream. However, at that moment, Maru and Moro appear out of the floor and the ceiling in the same way that Syaoran and Sakura appeared to Yuko out of the sky in volume 1 of the manga. The two run towards Watanuki crying, saying that "the mistress is gone, but she used the last of her power to keep the shop here". Watanuki then knows that Yuko did really die. Watanuki stays inside with Maru and Moro while Doumeki goes out to talk with Mokona. Black Mokona says that everybody has forgotten Yuko except for the people who have power: Oba-chan, Kohane, Himawari and Doumeki. The two continue talking about the egg that Yuko gave Doumeki a while before he sees both Tsubasa Li and Syaoran Li through the eye that he shares with Watanuki. He then runs off to find Watanuki and sees him in the treasure room. Watanuki proceeds to tell Doumeki that he will succeed Yuko's shop. He explains to him that he will no longer attend school (though at this point in the manga, it is suspected that Watanuki is already in his last year of highschool so his absence will not be too serious) because he has decided to wait for Yuko in the shop until he could meet her again. The price for this wish is the "time within him" and so Watanuki will never be able go go outside of the shop boundries but he will also never age. However, Watanuki points out that he will still die one day because "no matter how much we wish, people die." Yuko appears again in Watanuki's recurring dreams in Chapter 212 and Chapter 213. However, Watanuki made a statement that the Yuuko he met in the dreams wasn't the real Yuuko, but more like allegorical form of her.

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLEEdit

In the story, her role is not a leading one but not less important, in relation to the plot that develops between the different "worlds" that the characters visit. Yūko is apparently one of the few people with the power to send people to multiple worlds; as the Witch of Dimensions, she informs [[Syaoran Li (TRC)|Syaoran and company what awaits in this quest of collecting Sakura's feathers, and maintains her rule of exchanging something important from each character, a price to pay for their wish of travelling dimensions. She sends the travelers the White Mokona (Soel), which acts as both the party's dimension transporter and interpreter; additionally it serves as an intercom between Yuko and the party, it also helps monitor the places where they are; grant requests and exchange payments, such as the dress Sakura made for her and the Chocolate Lava cake they had in Oto country. Later on, when seeing Syaoran's past it's seen that although she may seem cold Yuuko's actually been concerned with Syaoran, Sakura, Fye and Kurogane for the fate that the three have had and have to go through. Her appearances in the earlier volumes of the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga were very limited and often with comedic effect, such as teasing Kurogane (much to his annoyance). After the incident in Tokyo Country, Yūko became pivotal in explaining the challenges that the cast will face. When Sakura had a dream that Fay would kill her, Syaoran, Kurogane and then turn on himself, she traded her luck for advice from Yūko. Yūko was also aware of Fay's curse from the beginning, thus her appearing in a different dimension when the Tsubasa group first met in the 1st volume of the manga.

As both the Tsubasa manga and xxxHolic manga progresses Yuko makes very subtle hints of Watanuki's later significance to Syaoran and their story, stating that she may know more of what fate lies between Watanuki and that of Syaoran.

By the time the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle group returned to Nihon Country (Kurogane's world), she was able to explain the real truth about Sakura being a cloned soul. By chapter 183, she granted the teams' wish of returning to Clow Country in which she, with the help of Black Mokona(Larg), used a magical string to connect Syaoran's group to Clow county. The price for them to return to that dimension had already been paid by Watanuki with his memories. Fei Wong Reed, sensing her powers, sent a lightning bolt to stop Yuko, seriously injuring her in the process. However, she was able to complete her task. At this point, she explained to Black Mokona that there is nothing more she can do for Syaoran and that the rest is up to those children to choose their fate.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle chapter 189 revealed that Yūko had received payment from Sakura Li (Sakura Kinomoto's 'Star Staff) to allow her son (the original 'Syaoran') to travel to Clow Country to meet with Princess Sakura. She returns 'Syaoran' after his father, Syaoran Li, made a wish that he should return safely. However, 'Syaoran' makes a wish to return to Clow Country. Yūko reveals the price to be that 'Syaoran' would be unable to return to Japan as long as there is nobody who can cross dimensions in Clow Country. 'Syaoran' agrees to the price and Yūko sends him off.

In xxxHolic chapter 174 she is seen in Watanuki's dream fading away. Afterwards Watanuki realizes he can no longer meet Yuko.

Syaoran's choice to take Sakura's hand also causes someone else with her same fate to be called back to death. The person who had suffered the same fate as Sakura was in fact Yuko. Then she's brought to Clow Country.

In Chapter 215, Yuko appears in Clow Country. She tells Fei Wong his dream cannot be fulfilled. It's later revealed that Yuko created the shop in order to protect the tube (a world of its own), that contains Syaoran's parents; who rewound their own time to save their children (Syaoran and Kimihiro). Yuko, now in the verge of death, breaks open the tube, releasing both Sakura Li and Syaoran Li (the clones) who are Syaoran's parents.

In Chapter 177 of XxxHolic, after Watanuki sees the events taking place in Clow Country, he starts calling for Yuko. Watanuki notices that the people who met Yuko do no longer remember her.


Clow ReedEdit

Her relationship with Clow Reed is somewhat ambiguous. They made the two Mokonas together using their magical abilities. They also met the original Mokona of Cephiro together in the other world. Clow Reed is the one who wished for Yuuko to stay alive, thus, stopping her time. In the first chapters of xxxHOLiC manga, he is being called by different names by Yuuko. In some fansubs, it has been translated that 'Yuuko hasn't met Clow Reed' (xxxHOLiC chapter 3) but in Del Rey translations, it is Sakura Kinomoto (talking about her first staff in Cardcaptor Sakura) who she hasn't met. It is been hinted that Clow and Yūko had somewhat a love relationship before. In chapter 138 of Tsubasa, Clow told Sakura Hime that "Being apart from the one you like, no matter how old you are, is a lonely thing. And while apart, I'm wishing for that person to be happy." There is a possibility that he was talking about Yuuko.

It is suggested that Yuuko had a romantic relationship with Clow Reed, though it has never been explicitly said. When Yuuko was dying, Clow just had a thought - "I want her to open her eyes one more time". The strength of this wish coupled with the strength of his power caused Yuko's timeline to completely stop, allowing her to live.

Kimihiro WatanukiEdit

Yuuko appears to have a motherly relationshiop with Watanuki. Some fans theorized that she was Watanuki's real mother before Syaoran and Watanuki's connection was revealed. She teaches Watanuki valuable lessons about the world and gives wise advice. She is Watanuki's employer, also a comrade. Yūko cares a lot for Watanuki, helping him and giving him guidance even though he does not realise it. Sometimes Yūko helps Watanuki without him knowing it. In chapter 168 of the manga, Yūko talks about Watanuki and Syaoran. She says that Watanuki now "wants to be here," and because of her help, Fei Wong Reed wasn't able to find Watanuki. She also says (quote): "Maru, Moro, because we love Watanuki, we'll do our best to protect this store, so that we can always be together with Watanuki." Later on, something similar happens when Yuko and Watanuki start meeting in dreams and Yuko starts asking Watanuki if he is happy at the shop. When Watanuki confesses that he is, Yuko tells him that the shop was made for the sake of a specific and special day but if it has also turned into a reason for Watanuki to stay/to be happy (Translations vary), then she is glad. In xxxHOLiC Rou, it has been revelead that Yūko's wish is just for his existence, for him to continue on existing. He stays in the shop until he meets Yūko again.

Mokona ModokiEdit

Yūko and Black Mokona (Larg) are good friends. They share similar interests in food (they love snacks and sake) and can usually be found together. Mokona is usually seen on Yūko's shoulder or sitting beside her on the poarch drinkking with her. Yūko and Mokona also seem to be interested in the same activites. They were both very excited to do the 100 Ghost Stories and the Winter Games along with other things. Yūko sometimes also refers to Mokona as her "drinking partener."


Oba-Chan is one of Yuko's oldest friends. Oba-chan is Yuko's fortune teller which means that Yuko trusts Oba-chan with her future and whatever other aspect of her life that Oba-chan might see in her fortune telling. In Oba-chan's home, one can see that on one of her bookshelves is a letter from Yuko, held up on a stand. You cannot read what the letter says but it shows that Yuko sometimes writes letters to Oba-chan and that Oba-chan likes Yuko so much as a friend that she keeps her letters as a reminder of her in her home. Oba-chan is also the only person in the entire manga that calls Yuko "Yuko-chan." Everybody else calls her Yuko-san. Also, when Kohane comes into Yuko's care after she is taken away from her mother, Yuko entrusts her to Oba-chan, knowing that she will take good care of her.

Haruka DoumekiEdit

Yuko and Haruka are good friends although we only see them meet once during the series. Before Yuko dies, she meets Haruka in a dream. When Yuko sees him, she says "This is the first time we have met this way" (she is referring to meeting in dreams). This shows that the two have met each other in the past and the two continue to talk as friends. Later on, after Yuko's death, in a dream, Haruka tells Watanuki that when Yuko and he talked, Yuko asked him to take care of Watanuki. This shows that Yuko trusted Haruka with watanuki's care even if it only was in dreams.


She gave Kitsune and his son (Chibi Kitsune) a birdcage. When Watanuki first finds the oden shop and brings some oden home to Yuko, she recognised the food immediately and asked if it was Kitsune's oden. This shows that Yuko had met and aten at Kitsune's oden shop a few times. Also, (in the anime) Kitsune invites Yuko and Watanuki to a small feast at his oden stand. Yuko and Watanuki go and invite Himawari and Doumeki as well. During the feast, Watanuki and his friends stray from the oden shop a bit to look at the stars and talk while Yuko stays and converses with Kitsune.


Akarai once jumped out of a picture when Watanuki was cleaning and when Yuko sees her, she talks to her like good friends. Akari even said that she travelled a lot but in her opinion, Yuko was the best hostesse. The two are good friends and they have sake together. Yuko then tells Akari that it is a shame that they only get to see each other once every year, and Akari agrees. Every year, Akari gives Yuko a type of seed where "the best sake" (in Yuko's opinion) is collected. This is also an invitation to the Monster Procession.

Princess TsubasaEdit

Also known as the real/original Sakura. Her body was kept by Yūko for a long time, without Fei Wong Reed knowing. As stated in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Yūko also suffered the same fate as Sakura, that she had her time severed in all dimensions and now, her time would flow once more.

Tsubasa LiEdit

He was sent by his parents to Yūko because her mother dreamed of someone needing his help. He was then sent to Clow Country and met Princess Tsubasa. He then realized that the princess was marked by a seal of death and made a vow to protect or remove the princess' death of seal. He was then returned in Yūko's shop badly wounded after a battle with Fei Wong. He made a wish to return to Clow Country to fulfill his promise, with a payment of him unable to meet his parents ever again.


  • Yuuko gives her life as a price to enable the clones of Syaoran and Sakura be reborn as normal humans.
  • In Horitsuba Gakuen, she is a ruthless principal, who always climbs into rooms through the window.
  • She is never seen in the same outfit twice (except the one from Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE).
  • She has the longest hair in the whole series.
  • All of Yuuko's customers are female (except the old man who she gave "Illusion Birds" to in the manga).
  • Watanuki and Doumeki don't count as they are employee and friend, respectively.



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